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Best core drill bits for concrete and other materials

If you need to make large and precise holes in materials such as bricks, blocks, tiles or concrete, you need the best core drill and the best core drill bits for the job. Core drilling is a cutting technique that uses a hollow cylinder with sharp teeth to cut through the material and leave a […]

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A comprehensive guide to SIP panel saws: Unveiling uses, benefits, and more

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on SIP panel saws, brought to you by SIMA UK. In this detailed article, we’ll delve into the world of SIP panels, also known as insulated panel saws, exploring their uses, benefits, and why they are a game-changer in the construction and woodworking industry. As a trusted source of information, […]

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A comprehensive guide to the best scabblers and how to use them

Introducing SIMA’s finest concrete scabblers When it comes to top-notch scabblers for concrete, SIMA is a name you can trust. Our online shop boasts a wide selection of premium scabblers designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability. Each scabbler available at SIMA is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting reliability and exceptional […]

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Best cutting shears

Discover the finest cutting shears at SIMA UK When it comes to achieving precise and effortless cuts, nothing beats the performance of the best cutting shears. At SIMA UK, we take pride in offering a selection of cutting shears that are renowned for their exceptional quality and cutting-edge features. Let’s explore what makes these shears […]

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How to use a power trowel

What is a power trowel and what is it used for? A power trowel or cement smoother is a machine that is used to level large concrete surfaces. Normally it is a process that can be carried out on pavements, floors of industrial buildings or other surfaces that need it. These concrete smoothing machines have […]

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Best power trowels

Before we talk about the best concrete power trowels at SIMA, let us tell you what these tools are and what they are used for. Power trowels are an indispensable machine in the construction sector to provide the best finishes (whether textured or smooth) when fresh concrete has been poured. If you need a quality […]

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Best masonry saws

What are the best masonry saws? To find out which is the best masonry saw, you need to know first of all what they are and what they are used for. A masonry saw is a tool used to make cuts in materials normally used in the construction industry, such as bricks, tiles, roof tiles, […]

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Best tile saws

Which are the best tile saws? When it comes to making good tile cuts that are precise and leave a flawless finish, you need the best wet tile saws. In this SIMA post we present you our best options if you are looking for the best tile saw. Best wet tile saw with delivery to […]

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Best bridge saws

What is the best bridge saw To find out which is the best bridge saw, we first need to know what a bridge saw is and how it differs from other bridge saws. In addition to the characteristics that are necessary to know if it is of quality or not. A bridge saw consists of […]

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Best diamond blades

Guide of best diamond blades Diamond blades are considered the best diamond cutting blades for use in the construction industry because they have a number of advantages over other types of blades. First, diamond blades are extremely hard and durable, which means they can withstand the demands of cutting through a variety of materials, including […]

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How to use a ride on power trowel

Using a ride on power trowel The main aspect of a ride-on power float is that the user is sitting upon the machinery instead of walking behind it. The operator will control the machine manually with electronic or mechanical handlers. Ride-on power trowels are preferred to walk-behind when larger surfaces of concrete are involved, as […]

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When to use a power trowel on concrete?

When to use a power trowel on concrete If your project involves building the concrete foundation of a room or space or fixing a damaged concrete floor, you need to get yourself a power trowel. All kinds of power trowels, power floats (also known as helicopters), ride-on or walk-behind, electric power trowel or petrol power […]

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How to cut rebar

How to cut rebar with bolt cutters Bolt cutters like the ones SIMA offers make the work much easier thanks to the high quality blades and the long handles that help by providing leverage. If you want to know how to use bolt cutters to cut rebar you can either watch the video or keep […]

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How to cut mesh tiles with a wet saw

Cutting marble with mosaic tiles Wet saws are widely used by professionals because they perform a smooth cut and ensure a clean finishing with a safe process. However, when working with small mesh tiles it can be difficult due to its flexible nature. At SIMA, experts have studied this setback and found a proper way […]

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How to Cut Granite Tile with a Wet Saw

Can a tile saw cut granite? A common doubt that our experts must answer here at SIMA on a daily basis is “Can I cut granite with a tile saw?”. And that’s why our objective through this article will be to provide a detailed answer, as well as explaining how to cut granite tile with […]

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