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Porcelain tile cutters for sale

Maybe you don’t know it but porcelain tiles are one of the most popular materials for flooring, walls and countertops. The reason behind it, besides its durability, is the resistance to water, stains, scratches and heat. They also come in a variety of colours, sizes and designs that are very attractive. There are a few cons as well like the hardness and brittleness. That’s why you need a porcelain tile cutter that can handle this material with precision and ease.

Manual porcelain tile cutter

If you are looking for a simple and portable solution, our manual porcelain tile cutters are the ideal choice. They are easy to use and transport and they can cut porcelain tiles up to 20 mm thick. The manual or porcelain tile cutters that we sell, are perfect for small to medium-sized jobs, such as tiling a bathroom, a kitchen or a patio.

Wet saws for porcelain tiles

If you need more power and versatility, our wet porcelain table saws tiles are the best option. They are equipped with a water-cooled diamond blade that can cut through any type of porcelain tile, no matter how hard or thick. They have a robust steel frame, a sliding table, and an adjustable cutting head that can make straight, diagonal or bevel cuts. They also have a water pump and a splash guard that keep the blade cool and prevent dust and debris from flying around. Our porcelain wet tile cutters are ideal for large-scale projects, such as flooring a commercial space, a hotel or a public building.

Why choose SIMA UK?

At SIMA UK, we have the best porcelain tile cutters for sale, suitable for any project and budget. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, you will find the right tool for your needs among our wide range of products.

SIMA UK is your reliable company that has been manufacturing light machinery for the construction industry since 1970. SIMA is also the leading company in its field in Spain and one of the largest suppliers in Europe. We have a reputation for quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and we offer a wide range of products, such as saws, cutters, rebar benders, and diamond blades that will suit every need of your business.

When you buy a porcelain tile saw from SIMA UK, you get more than just a tool. You get a guarantee of excellence and reliability. You also get free UK shipping and a repair or replacement warranty that covers you in case you have any problems with your porcelain slab cutter.

Don’t hesitate and order your porcelain saw today. You will be amazed by the results. Trust SIMA UK, the best supplier of construction tools and accessories for your needs.