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Hydraulic rebar cutters for sale

Among the main advantages of using rebar in construction projects, we can mention the respect for the environment, as well as the reliability of the structures as they are very tenacious materials with a high load bearing capacity. However, actions such as bending and cutting pieces of rebar are not within the reach of the average human being. This is where hydraulic rebar cutters come into play. 

There are two types of tools that can do the job. The first is a manual or electric rebar bender for the job; the second is a hydraulic rebar cutter and bender which has certain advantages over the rest:

The first advantage is that it will be able to cut most steel and iron bars that have a standard size and are used in all types of construction where masons are involved. Secondly, a hydraulic rebar bender allows for smooth bending, as well as cutting if necessary. Thirdly, it is easy to transport and store due to its lightweight.

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Hydraulic rebar shears also work faster than other tools such as manual ones. It is for this reason that they are the most commonly used when it comes to rescues involving vehicles, for example. The most notable advantage in these situations is that they can cut iron and steel bars regardless of angle or position. Cuts are feasible in any alignment.

Finally, there is the fact that they can be used broadly like any other hydraulic rebar cutter UK. 

Don't forget that as well as having an extensive catalogue where you can find our best models of hydraulic shears and hydraulic rebar cutter blades. You can contact SIMA's technical team if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you on whatever you need.