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Bridge saws for sale

SIMA’s VENUS MEKANO Bridge Saw / Slab saw: are very popular in professional construction companies, but are also very common in workshops thanks to their versatility: they cut marble, porcelain as well as granite.

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable cutting angle: from 45º to 90º
  • One pass will cut through the material
  • The diameters of the bridge saw diamond blade: from 300 mm to 350 mm.
  • Three different cutting lengths: from 850 mm up to 1550 mm.
  • Wet cutting: a water-cooling system to prevent your blade from overheating. Work with it without taking as many pauses or damaging the blade.
  • Generally used for mitering and cutting tiles, stones and other construction materials.
  • Professional finishing assured.
  • Special toothed belt and wheel transmission system integrated: more accuracy and comfort when cutting bigger stone slabs.

Advantager of our bridge / slab saws to cut stone, marble or tiles

VENUS MEKANO bridge saws / slab saws: designed to miter or straight any kind of construction materials. Specifically convenient when working with larger blocks. Save time and be more accurate.

The VENUS 125, VENUS 150 and VENUS 200 bridge saws count with a handwheel-operated feed with a toothed belt transmission as well as a self-cleaning system in the sliding rails. That is why our experts have used a polishing felt and a folding guard.

The VENUS 85 slab saws count with a handle. The whole range of MEKANO bridge saws is made of 90% stainless materials.

The user can adjust the cutting head over the saw thanks to the systems on the aluminum table. To ensure a precise cut and avoid damaging the materials, the bearings are placed at 30º and 90º angles.

In order to improve the upper bridge, our experts have used anodized reinforced aluminum. The cutting head is easily fitted, and you can choose from different diameters of blade: Ø300 mm (12”) and Ø350 mm (14”) blades.

Why our bridge / slab saws to cut marble, tiles or stone

SIMA’S bridge saws are essential in every construction workshop and a convenient investment for a DIYer or a professional of the construction industry. Moreover, our experts have included a standard Ø350 mm (14”) diamond bridge saw blade in every model of this range.

To make this range perfect, we have also added a special slab saw model, the VENUS that has been specifically designed to cut through polyurethane insulating panels. At SIMA, we have integrated a TCT blade and a series of safety devices to assure a fast and clean cut without damaging the materials.

✅ Self-cleaning system: thanks to the felts on the bearing rolling tracks of every saw.

✅ Adjustable cutting depth and blade guard.

✅ 60% stainless composition.

✅ Water-cooling system to prevent the blade from overheating.

At SIMA, we offer the most professional machinery at a competitive price with a convenient shipping agreement. Besides, you can contact our staff if you need help choosing your saw or blade.

What is a masonry bridge saw?

Originally bridge saws or slab saws were huge and very heavy machines, but thanks to technology their design has been improved, incorporating compact tile saws and creating the tile bridge saw. Its name comes from its design, as the bridge saw blade cuts along the bridge, from one side to the other.

A slab cutting bridge saw is ideal for cutting granite and working with a countertop fabricator, as its design allows for long, deep cuts through huge blocks of different abrasive materials such as granite, stone, and marble. Industrial slab saws can cut up to 10-12 feet long and + 3 inches deep. Moreover, it can make angled miter cuts, a very convenient characteristic for some projects. More specifically, at SIMA we have designed a wide range of masonry bridge saws called MEKANO. These machines can cut from 850 mm up to 1550 mm. If you need a smaller one, you can find our tile bridge saw for sale, depending on your project.

Bridge saws for sale

If you want professional work, you need professional equipment. Find the best bridge saw for sale in the UK in our catalogue.