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How to cut pavers without a concrete block saw

How to cut concrete blocks

Cutting concrete blocks, bricks, stone pavers or cinder blocks among other materials is a common task in any kind of project that you might be involved in, from building a patio or a fire pit to a retaining wall. The outer edges need to be improved because bricks and blocks are usually laid in a staggered pattern. When it comes to choose a concrete block cutter, there are many options ranged from the most advanced technology, like a masonry or concrete block saw, to a standard circular saw using a masonry diamond blade, and a good old-fashioned chisel and a hammer.

The smoothness and accuracy you need for the cut, along with the number of cuts you need to make and the accessibility you have to each type of tool are crucial factors that will influence your choice. Regardless of your equipment, first things first, wear the protective gear for your respiratory tract, eyes and ears.

How to cut concrete block with a saw

Smooth and precise cuts are always required in any kind of project, and the best way to cut concrete blocks is to use a wet cutting concrete block saw, also known as a masonry saw. You probably do already know how to cut concrete blocks with circular saw, as it makes the work easier on cinder blocks, breeze blocks and stone pavers. It doesn’t matter which concrete block cutting saw you end up choosing, it all comes down to the diamond blade: you need to pick a specific one depending on the material you need to cut. Besides, if you use a saw to cut concrete blocks, you will avoid the mess of huge clouds of hazardous dust.

How to cut concrete without a saw

If you can’t get hold of a wet cutting concrete block saw, do not worry. In this post we will explain how to cut cinder blocks without saw. There are other viable solutions: a regular circular saw or a chisel will get the job done if your project is small enough. However, if you need to cut concrete blocks constantly, it would be convenient for you to buy or rent a concrete saw.

For cutting masonry blocks with a circular saw, the most important thing is using an appropriately sized diamond blade. Each material has an indicated type of blade which you can find in the hardware store or online. Circular saws come with a possible inconvenience for this job: they can’t be used in direct contact with water, meaning that you will need to rent, borrow or buy a dry-cutting blade. Once this little drawback is sorted, you are ready to mark the cut line, secure the block in your workbench, turn on the saw and the blade will grind through. Remember that dry cutting solid squares produces a ton of rubbing, so you should haul the sharp edge out at regular intervals or so to help keep it cool. Contingent upon the thickness of your blocks, you may need to make a few passes, each one more profound, to get completely through.

Making use of a chisel and a hammer to cut solid blocks is a two-step work, excluding measuring and making the marks. To start with, place the chisel over your line mark and tap it with the hammer, moving right around the block to make a score line roughly 1/8” deep. At that point, return in where you scored and chisel again using sharp blows with the hammer. Then the block will break in two pieces, but with a jagged or rough edge.

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