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Insulated panels

SIMA has created a unique machine in the market by adapting its VENUS 125 cutting table model for cutting expanded polystyrene panels (EPS) sandwich panels and rock wool sandwich panels. The result is the only lightweight SIP panel saw, adapted by changing the common diamond blade for a TCT saw blade for sandwich panels, and other safety features.

Meaning that we have designed the very first saw especially thought to cut this material.

Advantages of EPS Sandwich panels in construction

Expanded polystyrene sandwich panes are being more and more demanded in the construction industry, and here is why: To begin with, they are not heavy-duty machines, but they still have a high load-bearing capacity. They are resistant against fire, vapor, water, and offer a great thermal insulation and air-tightness.

Cheap saws, long life expectancy and easy to maintain, EPS sandwich panels are one of the most popular and cost-efficient materials you will find in the market.

Advantages of rock wool sandwich panels as construction material

As EPS, rock wool sandwich panels are popular thanks to its resistance against fire and its resilience through time. This specific material has another main benefit: it is soundproof. Moreover, if you need to save some time, choosing this material for construction can minimize the building time up to a 40%.

SIP panel saws

If you are looking for a sandwich panel cutting saw at SIMA you will find the best options saving you from intermediaries. Purchasing from SIMA means buying the product directly from the manufacturer. 

SIP panels stand for structural insulated panel and are a form of sandwich panel used in building enclosures. With a panel cutting saw you can make precise and delicate cuts of very large boards with this type of SIP panel tools to achieve a professional result.

We offer free shipping and returns on SIP panel saws in the UK.

VENUS 125 Polypanel to cut EPS, rock, wool and more 

With the VENUS 125 polypanel series, you can cut these sandwich panels, which are characterised by their large size. 

Nowadays this panel cutting saw has to cope with different structural insulation materials such as SIP (Structural Insulated Panel), PUR (Polyurethane panels), EPS (Expanded Polystyrene panels) and rock wool panels. With our sandwich panel saws you will be constantly up to date for this revolution of materials that are increasingly in demand.

The VENUS 125 series is the best choice for handling SIP panels or, in general, the most commonly used large insulated panels.

Take a look at SIMA's latest innovations in this type of sip panel saw to get the one that best suits the needs of your workshop or factory. You will get high quality machinery with the guarantee that only a big company like SIMA can give you. In addition to being able to access the technical service for sandwich panel saws, you can get the personalised advice you need by writing or calling us.