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Cutting concrete with a walk-behind floor saw

Cutting asphalt with concrete saw

You might call it floor saw, flat saw or walk-behind asphalt saw. These are one of those machines that makes all the work that involves cutting concrete or asphalt faster and more comfortable for the user. A floor saw can be used from cutting and personalizing decorative concrete slabs to fix driveways or cut and level asphalt overlay on the roads.

Depending on the concrete you will be cutting, you will slightly change the process. In this article, discussed by experts at SIMA, we will give you general cutting and safety tips when cutting asphalt with a concrete saw, more specifically with a walk-behind saw. Besides, we will be talking about how to proceed with green concrete, cured concrete and asphalt overlaid concrete.

Tips for cutting concrete with a floor saw

  • Remember: like with all the heavy-duty machines, pay special attention to your safety and wear the protective gears. These include ear, eyes and head protection, respirator mask (especially when dry cutting) and snug clothing.
  • Use the proper diamond blade, labeled for the material you want to cut.
  • Check the blade before mounting the saw. It might be warped or damaged. If it is not, mount it carefully and make sure it is safe and tight. Use the right size blade guard.
  • Read the manual or tag and find the amount of water the water tank needs. Make sure that the flow is pumping correctly. Wet cutting allows you to use the blade for longer periods of time and the cuts will be more accurate. Besides, it avoids creating a cloud of silica dust that could harm you.
  • Never apply extra pressure on the machine to cut faster, not down nor on the sides.
  • Under no circumstances leave the saw unattended if it has not been turned off.
  • Always lock the saw after using it.


Cutting green concrete with a walk-behind flat saw

This kind of concrete should be cut exactly one day after being poured. If you want to avoid cracks in a large slab after it has been cured, green concrete is commonly cut from ¼ to 1/3 of the total thickness. We would recommend you use a blade from 12” to 14”.

Cutting concrete with a floor saw

In order to cut cured concrete, you need to pick the proper diamond blade that will depend on the aggregate in the concrete, so you need to check the components. If you want to perform deep cuts, we suggest you get a blade diameter of, at least, 20”. However, you might consider making several shallow cuts instead, so that the blade will last longer.

Cutting asphalt overlaid concrete with a floor saw

For asphalt overlaid concrete you need different blades due to the different level of abrasiveness and hardness of these materials. On one hand, asphalt can be dealt with one pass, using a blade of 18” approx.; it will depend on the total thickness. On the other hand, the concrete places below will require multiple passes of 2-3″ deep.

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