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Shop the best table saw blades

You probably do not want to spend more money on a blade than necessary, and if you do intend to make an investment, you want to make it count. So, what are the top table saw blades? Or more specifically, what is the best table saw blade for the materials you need to work with? At SIMA, you will find the best table saw blade in the UK for your particular project.

There are a few aspects to consider:

  • The material you will be cutting
  • The size of your table saw
  • The amount you are willing to spend
  • The purpose of the cutting (if you need it to be smooth and accurate or it does not matter)

Now, there are a lot of known table saw blades for many purposes: there are general purposes blades, which are a good option if you will be working with different materials (of a similar level of abrasiveness); ripping blades for cutting wood (an aggressive blade that you shouldn’t use for other materials); crosscut blades are also used for cutting wood but it leaves the pieces with a smoother edge.

At SIMA, we offer you the best table saw blades in the UK: segmented diamond blades and diamond blades which have a continuous rim.

Why choose a table saw blade

Diamond blades for table saws are manufactured keeping in mind the material they will be cutting. If you need to cut through hard materials or soft abrasive ones, you should go for the segmented diamond blades. They are ideal for cutting concrete, stone, and masonry among many other materials. They offer professional quality and great durability.

The diamond particles will allow you to perform a fast, clean, and accurate cut. Just like the segmented diamond blades, diamond blades with a continuous rim will provide a very long life expectancy with perfect guaranteed efficiency. The main difference between these two types of tables saw blades is their size, that is directly linked to their maximum and minimum speed as well as their depth.