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Portable Tile Saws

The main advantages you find in SIMA wet tile saws, besides their versatility, are the upgrades to the new materials that are emerging with today's ceramic slabs. These are larger and harder and require stronger machinery and higher quality blades for cutting. 

In this online shop you can find everything from the best cutting blades to suit every need to wet tile saws that best suit your business model.

SIMA has a selection of wet tile saw and other tools and products to meet every need: from 700 mm (27.5”) cutting length to 1000 mm (39.3”) and a range of different cutting depths when using a Ø200 mm (8”) or a Ø230 / Ø250 mm (9” / 10”) diamond blade, adjusting the height of the cutting head.

Our wet tile saw models are both rugged and lightweight, as they are built on an aluminium frame along with other rust-free materials. The cut is always thin, accurate and professional quality.

The PERLANATO range of wet tile saws is versatile, practical and durable with high performance. Our tile saw is the perfect product for cutting large slabs of hard porcelanic gres. All models have folding legs, and wheels are optionally available at our online shop.

As another option, these products can be complemented with a side support with accessory tools, such as two clamps to lock the piece to the bench of the wet tile saw to obtain a more precise cut.

Find your tile saw

Sometimes it happens that we need to have a reliable tile cutting tool in a remote location. If this is your case, you will love the HANDY tile saw model. Instead of wet cutting, it has a vacuum system to keep the working environment as clean as possible. It is a SIMA innovation and is unlike any other tile saw on the market today.

This is a tabletop product with a diamond blade diameter of 350 mm (14”). Make sure to use a saw blade indicated for dry cutting with this product.

Our wet tile saws offer fast, reliable and efficient solutions by performing the two basic functions that the tiler needs on site: straight cutting and mitre cutting.

Due to the power of the engine (up to 1.5 HP) and the diameter of the disk (up to 250 mm), they allow cutting all types of materials up to 63 mm high (tiles, terrazzo, rustic brick, marble, tile, stoneware...)

All PERLANATO models are supplied with a diamond disc (for ceramic materials) included. Furthermore, PERLANATO wet tile saws have a positioning and fixing system that prevents both the cables and the water supply pipe from entering the cutting field.

As an additional measure to ensure greater safety, you will find that all SIMA wet tile saws are fitted with a clamping nut. This prevents loss of the guard.

Now that you know the wet tile saw UK that we can ship outside Spain, don't hesitate and buy from a company with experience and many years of history. If you are looking for the best sales service and unbeatable customer service, you will find it at SIMA. Save money by buying products of the highest quality directly from the manufacturer.

Welcome to the SIMA section where you can buy tile saws at an unbeatable price. In our online shop you are buying directly from the manufacturer with no middle man for a complete service including UK delivery.

Wet tile saws

The new SIMA PERLANATO series will surprise you with its fine cut for ceramic and porcelain tiles. It belongs to the wet tile saws.

Offering the best solutions for speed, reliability and efficiency is a common feature of the tools of the PERLANATO series. This way you will have covered all the needs that are demanded in your ceramic tile cutting workshop. In addition, the legs are fully independently adjustable and can be easily dismantled to make the work easier.