Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16
    • Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16
    • Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16

    Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16

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    Machine Bestsellers SIMA

    Description Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16

    This quality steel bolt cutter/rebar bolt cutter incorporates a highly durable 3-sided cutting blade which makes a clean cut through steel rebar up to 16 mm thick. The chassis is made from welded steel.

    SIMA TX-16 Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear. Max. Cutting Ø: 16mm.

    The rebar used in construction and masonry is usually made from hardened steel and comes in rods that are 10 to 20 feet long. Naturally, you need a quality cutting tool if you are going to work with this material. This manual bolt cutter-shear from SIMA makes cutting rebar with bolt cutters easy and convenient.

    How to cut rebar with bolt cutters

    Cutting rebar with bolt cutters like these is surprisingly easy thanks to the quality blades and the leverage provided by the long handles. To see how to cut rebar with bolt cutters, watch the video below, or continue reading.

    1. Wear appropriate safety equipment and eye protection.

    2. Measure and mark your rebar where you need to cut.

    3. Lay the bolt cutter on its side, so that one handle is on the ground and the other is pointing up.

    4. Place the rebar between the blades of the manual bolt cutter.

    5. Brace the bottom handle with your foot and press down on the top handle with both hands until the blades cut through the rebar.

    Please remember that rebar cutters use a tremendous force to cut through these thick steel rods, in this case, with a diameter of as much as 16 mm. Because of this, smaller pieces of rebar can shoot out from the cutter. Always use caution, wear protective equipment, and consult the bolt cutter manual for important information.

    Advantages of cutting rebar with bolt cutters

    Few tools are as versatile and convenient as manual rebar bolt cutters. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about having access to a source of electricity at your job site; you can use this bolt cutter practically anywhere. And speaking of taking your tools anywhere, a manual bolt cutter is much more portable than an electric or petrol motorized cutter. There is also far less maintenance involved with human-powered equipment. Finally, rebar bolt cutters are nearly silent compared to rebar cutting saws or angle grinders, and manual cutters even more so.

    See technical data

    Data sheet - Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16

    Energy Manual
    Motor Voltage (V) Manual
    Maximun cutting diameter (mm) 16
    youtube_video hu2KDy5fQQY
    Weight (Kg) 7,8
    Package Sizes (LxWxH) (mm) 1175X360X165
    Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1120x48x185

    Download - Manual Bolt Cutter-Shear 16mm TX-16