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Block and stone saw for sale

If you need to cut large-sized poroton, pre-cast concrete, gasbeton, lime/sandstone block, roof tile or other masonry materials, you need a reliable and powerful stone saw or block saw. SIMA’s electric stone saws and block saws can handle any cutting job with the right diamond blade for the material. 

SIMA is a leading manufacturer of stone saws, concrete block saws and stone-cutting diamond blades in the UK and Europe. We have a wide range of stone saws and block saws for sale to suit your needs and budget.

Why quality matters for block saws and stone saws 

Block saws and stone saws are not like ordinary masonry saws. They can cut through much thicker materials, up to 18 inches deep, with the help of diamond blades. But not all block saws and stone saws are created equal. You need a high-quality machine that can deliver a precise and safe cut every time.

Low-quality block saws and stone saws can cause problems such as wasted materials, poor cuts, frustration and even danger. A bad cut can compromise the structural integrity of the construction and put you at risk of injury.

So, before you buy a block saw or a stone saw, look for these features that make a difference:

- Sturdy construction with stainless materials

- Features for operator safety

- Integrated water source

- User-friendly with a clear view of what you are cutting

- High quality diamond blades

One way to ensure you get a high-quality machine is to buy from a specialized manufacturer like SIMA. You will also benefit from lower prices, after-sale service, replacement parts, accessories and a variety of compatible diamond blades.

Sima’s Magnum range of block saws and stone saws is rugged and powerful 

The MAGNUM 1000/700 stone/block saw is one of our best-selling machines. It can cut several types of masonry materials, such as concrete blocks, ceramic, brick and tile. It has an adjustable heavy duty cutting head that can handle different cutting depths, up to 18 inches with a 1000mm (40 inch) diameter diamond blade.

The BALI MEKANO range of electric block saws is another great option for tough and robust cutting. It has a vibration reduction system that improves the performance of the diamond blade and the quality of the cut.

Whether you need to cut thick stone, bricks or blocks, SIMA has a machine for you. We offer free shipping and returns on our block and stone saw products to the UK as well as most diamond blades and saw accessories.

Our MAGNUM power block saw products combine heavy duty capacity with high performance for a professional cut. You can choose between two versions: the 5.5 Kw (7.5 HP) for 700 mm (27 inch) diamond blades and the 7 Kw (10 HP) for 1000 mm (39 inch) diamond blades.

What includes?

A new star-delta starter to reduce the amperage intake on start. When the start button is pushed, the electric motor begins connecting the coils in series (delta mode), making the saw work at just 80% of the total motor power.

After 10 seconds, the saw will automatically switch to full power by connecting the coils in star mode.

For operator safety, the red button will stop the saw in case of emergency.

Heavy duty water pump with high flow of up to 40 litres (10.5 gal.) per minute for efficient water cooling of the diamond saw blade on these products.

The equipment frame is reinforced to make it more robust and to accommodate extra heavy materials, ensuring a long useful life from your electric block saw and many cutting hours from this line of products.

Our BALI MEKANO electric block saw equipment has the power to cut pre-cast concrete block, bricks, tile, terrazzo, and many other masonry materials when fitted with the correct masonry blade. Two available sizes are available on this range of block saw: diamond blade diameter up to 20” (max. depth 8”) and up to 28” (max. depth 11”).

For the highest quality masonry equipment and tools, concrete block saws and a wide variety of stone-cutting diamond blades, core bits and accessories, look no further than SIMA, an industry leader in electric and gas masonry saw in the UK and Europe.