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Diamond Blade Laser Mason...
Diamond Blade Laser Mason 230 mm

Diamond Blade for Dry Cutting Range: SIMA Diamant

Materials: Brick, Klinker, Roof Tiles, Basalt, Granite, Concrete. Diameter: 230 mm Laser welded segment.

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    Do you need to work with a saw for your project? Are you going to cut abrasive materials? You don't want your tiles made of fragile materials to crack? Diamond blades are your best option. At SIMA we offer blades of all diameters. In this section, you can find your 230mm diamond blades. The 230 diamond blade is ideal for cutting clay and concrete, but you can also use it to cut blocks of cement, stone and pavers.

    However, the best thing to do is to check the label on the diamond blade and the dimensions of your saw before you buy. Make sure it suits your saw, your materials and your own requirements. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our service team

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    Remember that wet cutting is probably your best option, because thanks to this method you will prevent the blade from overheating, extending its life expectancy and saving you money. In addition, you will have to take fewer breaks, so you will work much more depressed. On the other hand, you will avoid materials from cracking or chipping. Last but not least, thanks to the water flow you will avoid a cloud of airborne particles that can damage your health if you don't wear the recommended safety clothing (such as a respirator mask), and you will also keep your work area clean.

    Use your diamond blade 230 wisely for you, for your project, for the sake of your blade and, consequently, your pocket. Work quickly, safely, cleanly, and professionally using your diamond blade.