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How to sharpen diamond blades

Sharpening diamond blade

If you are not familiar with masonry saws, tile saws or this kind of machines in general, you will probably have some difficulties the first time you try to work with it. More specifically, the diamond blade will stop cutting halfway through. As it is an expensive kind of blade, we all expect it to last as much as possible. In this article, we will explain how to deglaze a diamond blade, then how to sharpen a tile saw blade, and which sharpener you should use.

How to sharpen diamond blade – dressing a diamond blade

First of all, what does “dressing the blade” mean?

Technically speaking, you are dressing the blade when it has gone dull, and you sharp it again.
Why does the blade go dull?

Basically, because the soft metal bond that keeps the diamonds of the blade in place melts over the diamonds. When these diamonds are covered, they can’t cut through any material (concrete, tile, stone, etc.). But if you sharp it again, you can extend its life expectancy.

Shortly, to sharp a diamond saw blade is to run it through a rough enough material that will abrade the metal away in order to expose the diamonds again without damaging them.

You can choose your method to dress the blade depending on how much you want the blade to last longer.

Sharpening a diamond blade – diamond blade sharpening stone

If you are not a professional or you simply have never done this before, your best option is to use a diamond blade dressing stone or rubbing stone. It is moderately thick, narrow bar of stone with a specific level of hardness and abrasiveness. A grinding wheel or a tool made of silicon carbine can work too, if you happen to have one at home. For example, fire bricks are usually made of 90% silicon carbide, and an obsidian can be used to freshen up the blade to prevent it from getting too dull. In some cases, you can use a cinder block as a makeshift dressing stone.

How to sharpen a diamond blade step by step

Now that you know the basics, we will explain what to do to sharpen your diamond saw blade.
Before doing anything, you need to check if there is some visible rim around the blade. If all the rim has worn off, there is nothing you can do but to buy a new blade.

If you can see some rim, all you have to do is place the proper dressing stone for diamond blade right in front of the blade. Adjust the cutting head so that the blade’s rim is barely covered by the stone.

Then, make sure that the water cooling system is working as usual and cut into the dressing stone or the material you have chosen. After cutting through it, move the dressing stone over slightly and prepare the saw to cut again. All you have to do is repeat the same process and shift the stone in between passes to avoid cutting into the same groove. You will have to determine how many cuts you need to perform, but it is usually from 3-10 passes.

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