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How to cut stone pavers using an electric tile saw

Can you use a tile saw to cut pavers?

If you have a project in hands like giving your house or your backyard a makeover, you might need to work with stone or concrete pavers, meaning that you will need to cut these rough materials. But don’t worry, you won’t need to spend extra money on yet another expensive machine. Actually, wet tile saws are quite versatile and can be used for this job as well if you learn how to work with it. Remember, different materials, different processes. Keep reading, we’ll explain how can you cut stone with a tile saw.

This is what you need to cut pavers with a tile saw

Tile saws have been designed in order to endure through heavy-duty processes and cut through rough materials such as natural stones or concrete and even fragile ones like ceramic, so, will a tile saw cut pavers? Of course. However, cutting paving slabs requires choosing the proper diamond blade for your material. Check if you already own a blade designed for the material that your pavers are made of or go get one to the hardware store.

If you cannot get your hands on one of those blades, the blade will wear out much faster while cutting paving slabs with a circular saw because of the friction. The metal could blend over the diamond particles, wear down them before finishing the cuts, overheat the blade or damage the pavers. How to cut paving slabs with a wet tile saw? Just find the proper blade for your pavers’ material.

How to cut pavers with a wet tile saw

Once you have the proper blade, this is how you use a wet saw for pavers:

Safety first! Wear the pertinent gear, respiratory mask, shoes; avoid jewelry and loose clothes and tie your hair back.

Before cutting: mark where you want the cut with a chalk. Then, line up the blade of your wet tile saw on the mark using the sliding table. The saw needs to be switched off. If you have thin pavers, cut them like it is tile. If the tiles are thick, it is better to cut through half of it and then another pass to cut all the way through. If you are not sure, check the manual of your tile saw and find the maximum cutting depth.

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