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Shop online diamond core drill bits

If you are familiar with the construction industry, the first thing you should have learnt about machinery, in general, is that diamond blades are your new best friend. If you need to cut through abrasive materials such as concrete, and more specifically, if you need to create cylindrical blocks, you will need SIMA’s diamond core drill bit set.

The diamond particles on the diamond core drill bits will grind through the material without damaging it or leaving scratches. It will be an accurate and smooth cut. You can also choose if you want to wet drill or dry drill. Our recommendation? Wet cutting is usually preferred. However, make sure that your workplace offers a safe environment to work with the water flow. If not, it will be better to dry cut as we have explained in another post: taking pauses.

Catalog of diamond core drill bits

Check our catalog and choose your diamond core drill bit depending on the method you will be using and the diameter of the blade, which goes from 42 mm to 300 mm.

Don’t hesitate to contact our staff if you are having trouble finding what you need. And remember: avoid intermediaries and buy directly from SIMA. Save money and time and get the best customer service in case of any trouble.