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Wet saw tile cutter

Cutting tiles nowadays has never been like before.  It used to be a pain in the neck when tiles are too large to fit into a space, or even when setting the tiles around a drain.  Manually cutting them would be alright if there are only a few pieces of tiles that need to be cut.  Cutting ten or more tiles manually just to make them fit in their respective spaces can feel like forever.

tiles saw and worker from simauk

Latest tile cutters

The latest tool or equipment to cut tiles is the wet saw tile cutter.  This machine would similar to other circular saw cutting contraptions.  The difference will be the water that is pumped to the circular blade to cool it down especially for several tile cuts to process.  Several tiles will need to be cut in areas where walls are not perpendicular to each other.  All square and rectangular tiles have precisely 90 degrees angle on each corner.

The wet saw tile cutter also prevents dust from scattering all over the work area.  In the process of cutting the dust gets wets and just settles below the work table.

Water and electricity are a bad combination.  Water should be allowed to leak anywhere from the source up to the connection near the blade.  Likewise, ensure that the hose is as far as can be from the cutting blade.

Organize the cutting work that needs to be done.  This means all the tiles that need to be cut are already measured and marked.  Arrange the tiles in the order that they are to be laid on the area.  If there is a need to verify the size of a tile or tiles, switch off the cutting saw.  Leaving it unattended while running can cause some accident if another person comes to the work area.

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