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13 Tips for Cutting with a Stone Saw

Best saw for cutting stone

The best saw for cutting stone is Circular saw with a diamond blade, otherwise known as a stone saw. Using a circular saw to cut stone isn’t very complicated, but it is quite different than cutting other materials. Here are a few tips that will ensure things go smoothly and you get the best possible results when cutting stone with a circular saw.

Stone saw vs Tile saw

1. A Stone saw is simply a type of circular bench saw for cutting stone and similar materials. It’s sometimes also referred to as a Masonry saw because it can also be used to cut bricks.
2. Cutting stone requires a special blade coated in diamond particles.
3. As the diamond blade grinds through the stone, it can kick up a lot of hazardous dust and overheat very quickly. That’s why almost all stone saws have a mechanism to send water flowing onto the blade and stone while the saw is in use.
4. Tile saws are very similar to stone saws but they tend to be smaller, lighter, and have a table that slides into the blade. Stone saws are designed for big, heavy slabs that would be difficult to move, so the part that moves is the blade itself.

How to cut stone with a circular saw

1. First, get to know the material you’re working with. While Stone saws are made for cutting stone, not all stone is the same. Depending on the hardness or abrasiveness of your particular “aggregate”, you might need a specialized type of diamond blade.
2. Wearing protective gear is all important when using a Stone saw, Masonry saw or Tile saw. Pieces that chip off can go flying right into your eye or other sensitive areas at a dangerously fast speed.
3. Any saw for cutting stone should have a water cooling mechanism. Check that this is working before you start trying to make your cuts.
4. Always measure twice so that you only need to cut once.

Tips for cutting stone, concrete and other hard materials

1. Wet cutting is always preferable to dry cutting. If you’re going to do a dry cut out of absolute necessity, you need to make other preparations. These include using a special blade for dry cutting, a respirator mask, and only cutting in a well ventilated area.
2. If you are dry cutting, you will also need to stop quite often to give the blade time to cool down. You won’t be able to make one deep cut, instead you will have to make several shallow passes.
3. When using a stone saw, let the machine do the work. If you try to push the blade into the stone with too much force, you’ll simply wear it out faster.
4. Do not exert sideways pressure on the stone or blade while cutting. This could cause your blade to warp, or worse, snap and send shrapnel flying in your direction or that of an innocent bystander.
5. There might come a point when your diamond blade still looks like it has plenty of cutting edge left, but simply stops cutting. This is usually because the metal bond that is holding the diamonds onto the blade has melted over them. You can get it working again by “dressing” the blade.

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