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Manual shearing machine

For this purpose, there is a wide range of machines you can work with, but why make a higher investment when you can get the most economical option? You can count on a manual metal shear. These are typically used for cutting metal sheets, aluminum, steel, etc. Its main purpose is to perform straight cuts in metal pieces.

A manual shearing machine assures you absolute control over the cut without relying on electricity, allowing you to perform a perfect straight cut. It all comes down to two blades: the upper blade is the one you use to cut using your strength whereas the other one is fixed to the bench. You just need to measure and mark the line and guide the upper blade all the way through the marked line, following a manual and linear motion.

Manual shear cutter

Easy to handle and worth the money, a manual shear is a high-quality workpiece as well as an essential in your toolbox. For most of the projects you might want to carry out, you will probably need to cut large pieces of sheet metal.