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Electric Power Trowels for sale

An electric power trowel, also called helicopter or walk-behind power float, will get a smooth and professional surface after pouring concrete. SIMA offers the best quality and customer service at an agreeable price, as leaders in the electric power trowel supplier industry in the UK. Moreover, you get free shipping and returns in the UK if you purchase online.

How long should you wait before using an electric power float or trowel?

Many factors, like air temperature, humidity and wind, can affect the time it will take for your concrete to dry. So, rather than using a hard-and-fast wait time, use this trick to check if your concrete is ready to be finished with your electric trowel: when stepping on the concrete, your footprint should be about a quarter of an inch deep or less inside the concrete, with very little bleed water in the footprint. This is the optimum time to begin finishing the concrete with your power float.

On the other hand, if your footprint in the wet concrete comes out to be deeper than a half inch, or if it has a fair amount of bleed water in it, it’s too early to use an electric power trowel. You’ll just have to wait for the concrete to dry a bit more before beginning the surface finishing process.

How to finish a concrete surface using an electric trowel

Usually, you will use a float pan and then a finishing blade on your electric trowel.

When the concrete is ready, the float pan is attached first, and you should push the power trowel in front of you slowly from one side of the concrete to the other, over the edge slightly, and then back in a new row.

After you have gone over the entire slab in this row-by-row pattern, make a second pass that is perpendicular to what you just did. This will compact the aggregate material in the concrete and make the surface nice and flat.

Next, attach the finishing blade to the electric power trowel and make two or more perpendicular passes just like with the float pan. Start with the finishing blade flat or with a very slight pitch. You can increase the pitch for the second pass.

SIMA large and small electric power trowels

Currently, SIMA manufactures electric power trowels in two sizes: a large power float with a guard ring diameter of 36”, and a small power trowel with a diameter of 24”. Both of these are walk-behind models. Larger power floats and ride-on models are available with petrol motors.

When pouring a concrete surface, you want to make sure the finish is as flat and professional looking as possible. Large surfaces can be smoothed and finished very efficiently using a walk-behind electric power trowel, also known as an electric power float or helicopter float.


SIMA’s selection of large and small electric power trowels will help you get the smooth, professional concrete finish you want at a competitive price. We are one of the leading electric power trowel suppliers in the UK and Europe.

For the best quality, price and service, shop directly from electric power trowel manufacturers, like SIMA UK. Shop online with free shipping and returns for UK customers.