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Shop concrete core drill bits

Do you need to cut through tough materials like bricks, or concrete? You should try wet drilling with SIMA’s concrete core drill bit set. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional and you work in the construction industry or if you are just carrying a small project at home, like plumbing projects or drilling blocks, concrete core drill bits will always come in handy.

Core drill bits for concrete will allow you to cut your blocks, creating cylindrical shapes without leaving a scratch. You can choose your core drill bits from different blade diameters: from 42 mm to 300 mm and a connecting thread of 1” ¼.

Why buy concrete core drill bits

If you need to work with concrete blocks, our experts recommend using wet drilling core bits. Why? Because it will prevent your workplace from being covered by a cloud of concrete particles. Besides, with this method you will be safer. Even if you use a ventilator mask and all the protective gear, it will be easier to see. However, if you need to work near an electrical power source, you should dry drill.

Wet drilling is usually more comfortable for the user, because the water will ease the drill piece onto the block as the hollow core removes the core from the hole. Moreover, wet drilling makes your concrete core drill bits last longer. But do not use too much water, or else the diamond particles will not be exposed enough and thus will not grind properly through the concrete.

Take a look at SIMA’s catalog for wet drilling core bits or dry drilling core bits if you need to drill through concrete. Find the one that works better for you and ask our staff in case of any doubt!