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SIMA Trencher is a single or double blade floor saw suitable for blades 350mm and 400mm and able to perfom trench cuts of 60, 65 and 70 cm wide. Addittionally, blades of 450mm and 500mm can be mounted just by changing the blade guard.

Main applications of the product:

  • It carries out completely parallel cuts in one go in preparation for trench digging afterwards.
  • It can also be used as a conventional floor saw by assembling the blade on the right or left side of the machine.
  • A single line needs to be drawn. This will be the guide for one of the two blades while cutting.
  • Following the drawn line, the machine will perform two parallel cuts in one go at the selected width

A TRENCHER is a pavement cutting machine that can operate with either one or two blades of Ø350 mm (14”) or Ø400 mm (16”) and Ø450 mm (18”) or Ø500 mm (20”).

The distance between the two blades can be adjusted to 60 cm, 65 cm. and 70 cm. (24”, 26” and 28”).

The main use of the TRENCHER is to perform two parallel cuts in one pass, so the excavator can follow digging behind. If the surface to cut is steep, the machine needs only to work downwards.

It can also be operated as a conventional cutter, with the blade placed on either sides.

Besides, the TRENCHER can also be adapted, with the optional accessories needed, to perform two very close parallel cuts of 5 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm wide.

It is a very rugged and all-round machine, improved for heavy duty works always performing with precision and reliability.