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Automatic rebar tier

If you value your time and you do not wish to waste any more of it by using traditional manual rebar tiers, get one of SIMA’s automatic rebar tiers. In comparison, it will get the work done much faster and easier. 

In the construction industry and masonry, tying rebar is key because it holds all the reinforcing structures, and not doing it properly could risk the building safety. However, manual tying can be very tiring and take a lot of time. That is why SIMA has worked on electric rebar tiers, which allows you to work 5 times faster by tying rebar in just one second. Our max rebar tier is currently leader in the industry.

SIMA’s electric rebar tiers are ergonomic, comfortable to work with just one hand, lightweight, easy to carry around and easy to store. Besides, at SIMA we use high quality and resistant materials to create our machines. We have also integrated an ABS hard impact frame and body and rubber on the handle for a secure grip.

Best rebar tier for a fast and strong tie

With one rebar tier you can choose between the multiple consistent tie strengths and number of wraps. These machines are compatible with SIMA wire coils and coils from most other brands. They can be used to tie rebar, rebar structurers, grids, mesh and any other typical construction that needs to be tied with reinforced concrete. What is more, thanks to its high tying torque you will not need as much material as other machines require, meaning that you can save up to 30% on materials.

Another great advantage of SIMA’s electric rebar tiers is that you do not need to stop or slow down to recharge the rebar tie gun. SIMA’s rebar tiers can perform around 2200 tier per charge, and feature a quick-charging 14.4V lithium-ion battery. Any possible minor issue can be easily solved without wasting time thanks to its high-tech electronics tools and the auto-diagnosis system. Moreover, to ensure your protection we have included a safety lock for safe storage when you are not using the machine.

Check out our variety of products to help you out with the cutting, bending and shaping rebar and stirrups. You will find both manual and electric tools that complement our automatic rebar tying machines.

If you are looking for a professional result, you are in the right place. Take a look at our site, SIMA offers you only high-quality products and customer service. Besides, if you buy directly from us, you will avoid spending extra money on intermediaries, and you can take advantage of our free shipping and returns in the United Kingdom.

Create strong rebar ties 5 times faster by using SIMA’s electric rebar tier instead of a traditional manual rebar tier. It suits most of the wire coils that you can find on the market today, meaning that our tools and machines can be used not on

Electric rebar tier

Thanks to its ergonomic design you can work with our electric rebar tier for longer periods of time comfortably. It is lightweight, easy to move around and to store. Its max. Performance is 2200 tier per battery charge approximately, translating into saving 30% of wire coils.

SIMA offers free shipping and returns on rebar tiers in the United Kingdom.