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Power trowels UK

HALCON power floats, also known as power trowels and helicopters, are widely used by professionals on concrete surfaces to ensure a spotless finishing on both small and super large areas. SIMA’s power trowel manufacturers have designed this unique machine to be the best power trowel machine in the competitive market. It counts with inner conical bearings and machined, thermally treated saft, protected by a heavy duty cast aluminum gear box. Of course, the handlebar allows you to adapt its height and it is retractable, making it easier to store. Another unique setting is the water flow system, which can be controlled manually from the handlebar.

Power floats and concrete power floats for sale UK

Whatever your project’s needs are, at SIMA you will find the best power trowel machine to meet your needs. Our experts have studied and designed power floats for different purposes and of different budgets, without risking our professional quality. Check our wide range of concrete power trowels for sale and you will find the one for you at an agreeable price. If you need any help before, during or after your purchase, you can count on our reliable customer service.

Do not forget: if you are looking for concrete trowels for sale, get it directly from the manufacturer and do not spend money on intermediaries. At SIMA, you will find all kinds of power trowel machines at all trowel prices.

How to know when is concrete is ready to power trowel

Before starting to work with any kind of power float (a walk-behind or a ride-on), you need to make sure the concrete is not too wet or too dry with a simple method: step onto the concrete and look at the footprint. There should appear a bit of water but not too much, and the depth needs to be about ¼ of an inch. However, if you are looking for a professional result, it is essential that you use a reliable power trowel. You can find high quality power floats for sale and in our site.

Halcon electric power trowels for sale at SIMA

We offer you a wide range of power trowels for sale, professionally designed to work fast and leave your concrete floor with a perfect result, regardless of the size.

The HALCON 65 works as a standard power trowel, but we have incorporated an upper stabilizing ring with rubber protected edged that make it possible to work near concrete walls, curbs or other kinds of obstacles you might find. Another advantage is the size, given that it is not too big, you will not have any problem storing it or passing it through the doorway.

Then we have the HALCON 95, ideal for any concrete floor, smaller or larger. Among its benefits is the fact that it is very clean and soft to work with. This is possible thanks to the chromium plate that covers the protection ring, mounted on silent blocks. Besides, it is very simple to regulate the blade pitch because the blade system of the power trowel is retractable.

If you need to power trowel an enormous concrete floor, you may choose the HALCON 125. It essentially shares the same characteristics as the HALCON 95 but is more suitable for larger surfaces.

Finally, the HALCON DUPLO, a ride-on and self-propelled power trowel. It works on Ø90 cm (36”) rotors that turn inwards with mechanical transmission. It can be used for preparing the surface that you want to fix and to finishing fresh concrete surfaces. Moreover, it is non-overlapping, meaning that the blades of each rotor do not stand in the way of the other rotor blades. In other words, you can use floating discs and floating blades.

Remember: if you are looking for a power trowel for sale in the UK, buy directly from the manufacturer. Skipping the intermediaries, you will find the best price, the highest quality together with the most reliable customer service.

HALCON power trowels are also called helicopters and power floats. Generally speaking, they are used by professionals to work on both small and large concrete surfaces quickly but with an immaculate result. About its structure, they count on a heavy duty cast aluminum gear box with inner conical bearings and machined, thermally treated shaft. The handlebar is foldable, and you can adjust its height. The water spraying system is innovative and unique in the market, as it is controlled from the handlebar.

Power trowels and power floats for sale

Take a look at the SIMA’s selection of power floats for sale if you are looking for professional quality, agreeable price and reliable customer service. You will find many suitable options for you among our power trowels for sale online.