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How to cut rebar

How to cut rebar with bolt cutters


Bolt cutters like the ones SIMA offers make the work much easier thanks to the high quality blades and the long handles that help by providing leverage. If you want to know how to use bolt cutters to cut rebar you can either watch the video or keep reading this post.

  1. First things first: Wear eye protection and a proper safety gear.
  2. Measure where you want to perform the cut and mark it.
  3. Place the bolt cutter on its side in order to keep one handle on the ground and the other one points up.
  4. Put the rebar between the blades of the manual rebar bolt cutter.
  5. Push the bottom handle by using your foot.
  6. Press down on the top handle with your hands, and the blades should be cutting the rebar.

Do not forget that bolt cutters for rebar use a lot of force in order to perform the cut on these thick steel rods up to 16mm of thickness. This means that if you are cutting through smaller pieces of rebar, they can fly away from the rebar bolt and harm you. That is why the first step is the most important one: Read the instructions to get all the information you might need, work with caution and wear your safety equipment.

Benefits of using bolt cutters for rebar

One of the main advantages that manual bolt cutters for rebar offer is their convenient price for a versatile tool. For example, you will not need a power source near your workspace to use it, so you can work outdoors if you wish. Besides, manual bolt cutters are easy to store and move around, much more than electric or petrol motorized ones, and do not need a regular maintenance like most machines. What about noise? These tools are practically silent, whereas other rebar tools or machines such as saws or angle grinder usually make a lot of noise.

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