How to use a ride on power trowel

ride on power trowel

ride on power trowel

Using a ride on power trowel

The main aspect of a ride-on power float is that the user is sitting upon the machinery instead of walking behind it. The operator will control the machine manually with electronic or mechanical handlers. Ride-on power trowels are preferred to walk-behind when larger surfaces of concrete are involved, as they allow the user to get the job done faster and more comfortably.

As with any other machine, before using the power trowel you need to check the trowel arms and blades and grease the trowels properly. Of course, take a look at the water and fuel level if it is a petrol power float with a water spraying system. Adjust the seat as you wish in order to have everything you need to control at hand, and then you can push the stop pedal and turn on the engine. Like with vehicles, it is recommended that you let it warm up before going on with it. Then, start the trowel pushing down the foot pedal.

Before stopping, make sure that the levels are back to neutral and release pressure, then finally stop the engine.
Remember to work in a row-by-row pattern and drive the machine in the direction that the user is facing. At the end of each slab, make a 180 degrees turn and repeat. Do not apply too much pressure or increase the reaction time of the machine, and never work on a wet concrete surface. Wait until it bleeds just a little water, and your footprint is about a quarter of an inch deep or less.

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