When to use a power trowel on concrete?

when use power trowel on concrete

when use power trowel on concrete

When to use a power trowel on concrete

If your project involves building the concrete foundation of a room or space or fixing a damaged concrete floor, you need to get yourself a power trowel. All kinds of power trowels, power floats (also known as helicopters), ride-on or walk-behind, electric power trowel or petrol power trowel, will allow you to end up with a smooth, flat, spotless surface. At SIMA, we offer a wide range of the previously mentioned types of power floats, so you can choose depending on the size of the project and your priorities, like making the most of your investment, saving some money and working faster.

When is concrete ready to power trowel

You can easily find ambiguous pieces of advice on the Internet about how much time you should wait before power trowel a concrete surface. However, you should not follow these instructions as it depends on your specific circumstances: the humidity of the environment, the temperature, and the size of the surface.

Follow this tip instead: wait until the concrete has started to dry (but do not let it dry completely or it will complicate the process), and then step onto it. The footprint should be about a quarter of an inch deep and bleed just a little bit of water. If it is too deep or if too much water appears, you should wait a bit longer.

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