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Maximun cutting diameter (mm)

Maximun cutting diameter (mm)

Rebar shear machine

CEL shears have increased their popularity in the construction and masonry industry, especially when it comes to rebar process. SIMA offers four professional models that are essential while cutting or working with rebar.

These rebar shears endure through heavy duty tasks, as they are very tenacious and have a great life expectancy. Their high resistance nature comes from the cast-iron monoblock machined chassis. With one rebar shear machine, your employees’ productivity will also increase, because this tool allows the user to work through intensive journeys, for many hours straight.

You can rent a rebar bender shear for a specific job, but long-term rent is usually preferred because it helps you make the most of your time and does not require a high maintenance like other tools. Besides, you probably will not have to buy another one ever again.

If you are looking for any recommendation, one of the most popular of our collection is the single-phase 230V motor version rebar shear for model CEL 36 P. It makes it possible to operate without a three-phase electric supply from mains or gensets.

Every model of CEL shear for rebar counts with the mandatory protection system and gadgets, and follows the international regulations to ensure your safety:

  • Mechanical safety devices: the cutting blades and jaw are covered with a shield in order to avoid any risk. The foot and the hand control are locked.
  • Electrical safety devices: in case of an electrical supply cut, it has an emergency stop and low voltage cut-off so that the machine will not reload when the electricity returns. The 60Hz motor versions will automatically stop working if the supply is unstable thanks to its magneto-thermal breaker.

Longer Life and Top Perfomance

This strong rebar shear and cutter is able to cut up to 52mm depth. Its great resistant nature comes from the monoblock chassis and the tempered gearing system. It is a powerful and durable tool.