How to cut mesh tiles with a wet saw

cut mesh tiles with a wet saw

Cutting marble with mosaic tiles

Wet saws are widely used by professionals because they perform a smooth cut and ensure a clean finishing with a safe process. However, when working with small mesh tiles it can be difficult due to its flexible nature. At SIMA, experts have studied this setback and found a proper way to deal with small mesh tiles. You want to decorate your kitchen and you don’t know how to cut a marble backsplash? Keep reading, we will help you in 10 fast and easy steps.
We are constantly receiving questions such as “how to cut marble mosaic tile without chipping”, “how to cut marble tile backsplash” or simply “how to cut mosaic marble tile”, so in this post we will explain how to properly cut mosaic sheet tiles with a wet saw.

How to cut mosaic tiles with a wet saw. Step by Step

At SIMA, we have analyzed the nature of the material and found a mechanism that solves the problematic while cutting it:

The first thing you need to do before cutting marble mosaic tile sheets, is place the tile on a ceramic tile with at least the same dimensions of the mesh and align the edges of both.

1.Use painter’s tape to cover the top and edges of both tiles in order to stick them together. Do not leave visible mosaics either. Make sure you cover the entire face, this step will determine the next ones.

2. Measure the tile and mark the cut line on the tape. Use a waterproof marker.

3. Read your wet saw’s manual and check the amount of water you need to fill the tank.

4. Safety first: wear the protective mask and the proper gear before starting. Small and sharp particles will fly while cutting and you could be hurt if you are not properly equipped. These masks are like welding masks but less heavy and thick, so it is comfortable to wear.

5. Action: place the tiles on top of the platform of the wet saw. Unlock the saw guide (the long, adaptable bar that will hold the tile during the process).

6. Place the blade with the marked cut line and block the tile with the guide.

7. Do not forget to move the edge of the tile backwards in order to get it far from the edge of the saw.

8. Time to turn the wet saw on. Do not rush it, push slowly but steadily through the line. Towards the end, push the tile through the blade using a wooden or scrap board (you should never try it with your hands).

9. Finish cutting the mosaic marble tile and turn off the machine. Now you can get rid of the tape and clear the tiles. Reminder: dry them quickly before the glue of the mesh dissolves.

We hope to have solved all your problems on cutting marble mosaic tiles with a wet saw. Follow each step carefully and remember that practice makes perfect!


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