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Using a Wet Tile Saw as a Brick Cutter

Can you cut bricks with a tile saw?

Among the many qualities that makes buying a wet tile saw such a great investment is the fact that it can help you carry out many different tasks. Don’t let its name fool you, it will come in handy for much more than just cut tile. For example, DIYers commonly makes the most of their buck by cutting brick with a tile saw.

Masonry saws, brick saws and block saws are specifically designed to cut brick, but if you have the proper blade (and the thickness of your bricks is not extreme), you can cut brick with a tile saw. The question is, how can a tile saw cut brick? And how can I be sure that it can work with my bricks? In this post, we’ll explain it all to you.

Cutting bricks with tile saw

The short answer is yes, you can! However, there are a couple of circumstances where you can’t use a wet tile saw as a brick cutter. It mostly depends on the size of the saw and the size of the bricks you need to cut.

Knowing the maximum cutting depth of your tile saw is the first step. Usually, it comes down to the size of the blade; an average tile saw is generally somewhere between 2” to 2.5”. But can I cut brick with a tile saw if my bricks are thicker than 2.5”? Of course, you can! You just will need to make more than one pass to cut all the way through.

There is a limit though, and it depends on the adjustable height of the cutting head of your tile saw the diameter of the blade. Let’s say that 2” is the maximum cutting depth of your saw and your bricks have a thickness of 5”, in that case your heigh adjustment must be able to provide the blade 3” of clearance. However, how much it takes you to run into the arbor that the blade is mounted in (the center of the blade) will limit your capacity to make a second pass inside your first cut. In the case of preventing you from finishing cutting your brick, measuring and marking the flip side of the brick can solve the problem because you can cut through from the opposite side.

In other words, will a tile saw cut bricks under any circumstances? Yes, the only time when it can’t be used to cut bricks is when the brick is so thick that none of the other options will work to accommodate it.

How to cut brick with a wet tile saw

Now that you know that it can work, here comes the easy part; how can you cut brick with a tile saw? You just need the proper blade, and the process of cutting bricks with a wet tile saw is pretty much the same as using it to cut tile. A high-quality diamond blade designed for bricks is essential. Respect the standard safety rules to proceed, then place the brick on the tile saw bench so that the blade follows your cutting mark and turn the saw on. While you are cutting, the blade should be covered by a water flow; if it is not, switch the machine off and find out what the problem is.

Too much pressure to the blade is not required while cutting the brick, it is just like cutting tile. You only have to control the blade through the cut, while the saw sets the pace.

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