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How to cut a trench in asphalt or a concrete slab

Cutting trenches in concrete or asphalt with a floor saw

A common task in the construction work involves changing and fixing the pavement. For this purpose, you need to know how to cut through asphalt and if you want to cut trenches, you will also need to know how to use an asphalt trencher. You might need to cut an asphalt driveway, the pavement of a parking lot, the surface of a bridge or dig a trench to install pipes, plumbing, etc.

For landscapers it can be an easy task since they will probably have to cut into loose rocks, and, soil, etc. All of that can be done with just an excavator. But to dig a trench in asphalt or concrete is a whole other job. However, if you are properly equipped there shouldn’t be any problems. That is why SIMA offers you special saws to cut asphalt, to make the work way easier.

How to cut a trench in a concrete slab or surface with a trencher road saw

Can you cut asphalt with a concrete saw? Yes, road saw is a synonym for concrete saw. However, if you want to cut a trench in a concrete slab, we suggest using a trencher road saw over a standard road saw, because the trencher counts with two parallel cutting blades and an adjustable width between them. This feature translates into saving a lot of time compared to using a conventional floor saw that one counts with one blade. You will thank these kinds of benefits when cutting asphalt driveway.

However, if you use a regular road saw or floor saw, you will have to stop and take one pass on one side of the trench and then the other side. This will take double of your work time and making sure that the cuts are parallel is not an easy job.

An asphalt trencher can be used as a standard floor or road saw, you only need to remove one of the blades, offers more accuracy and gets the work done quicker.

Tips for cutting concrete trenches with a trencher floor saw

Reminder: when using a trencher saw, you need to respect the safety precautions and control de technique.

  • Do not put extra pressure on the saw to make it faster.
  • Line up the saw with the marked cutting line before turning on the machine.
  • You can adjust the width of the trench and cutting depth before starting.
  • For safety, stand on the side of the machine while cutting.
  • Always wear the protective gear, especially the respirator mask if you are going to dry cut and eye protection.
  • Wet cutting is safer for you and for the result.

We have been asked “Can I cut asphalt with a circular saw?” or mostly “How to cut asphalt with a circular saw?”. Yes, you can use it to cut asphalt. How can you cut asphalt with a circular saw? First of all, you need a diamond-tooth blade with a venting system. How does it work? The damaged asphalt is removed with the vents that are placed between each tooth of the blade. Besides, it prevents overheating while cutting. Remember, when using a saw for cutting asphalt, do not apply much pressure, let the machine work slowly.

Another question we have received related to “How to cut through asphalt driveway” is “Can a Ditch Witch cut through asphalt?”, and the answer is also yes! In fact, a Ditch Witch is generally used to install fiber-optic cables. But, once again, you need to choose proper blades for the task.

Diamond blades for trencher saws

As always, ensure that the diamond blades are suitable for both the saw you are using as well as the material you are cutting through, and remember that different blades are used for dry cutting and wet cutting.

Check the blades and arbors for damage before each use, and make sure that water is flowing freely along both sides of the two blades during cutting to prevent overheating and extend the life of the blades.

By following these tips, your task of cutting concrete or asphalt trenches with a road saw trencher will be much easier and more professional. We hope that this guide helps you to discover how to cut a trench in asphalt or concrete. Good luck at the workshop!

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