Micro trenching machine

Micro trenching equipment

COBRA 60-3X has been specially designed for fast and efficient micro trenching. This machine has a robust structure with a powerful motor (19 to 20 hp) which can accommodate up to 4 diamond blades with a maximum diameter of 600 mm.
The micro trenching can reach up to 20 cm deep and between 12 and 33 mm wide, depending on the configuration of diamond discs and spacers.
In this article you can find not only the essential information but also some extra helpful tips.

About the micro trenching equipment

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two types of discs: with a 500 mm discs you can cut up to 150 mm deep, or you can use a 600 mm discs to reach up to a maximum depth of 200 mm. The width of the cut depends on the spacers between the discs. With the COBRA 60-3X you can choose between 3 spacers of 2’5 mm or 5mm thick and 2 spacers of 10 mm.
The most common configuration for micro trenching fiber cable FFTH or HTC is 150mm deep and 17 to 22mm thick. But the COBRA 60-3X is very versatile.


The more discs and spacers you fit on the machine, the wider the trench will be. But bear in mind that digging will also be slower, and the machine will need to make a higher effort. On the other hand, if you use less discs and spacers, the trench will be smooth and more accurate, and the cut will be cleaner.
There are several possibilities when it comes to combining spacers and discs. For instance, a diamond blade disc is 4 mm thick, and the combination of discs and spacers can have between 27 mm and 38 mm wide.
To ensure both safe and professional use, we offer you some practical tips:
Posture: We recommend that you stand at the rear of the machine to make easier the access to the control panel, handles and handwheels. It will also facilitate to push with your legs or hips.

Wet cutting: the standard water tank contains up to 50 L, but you can install a larger water pump. The water flow needs to be properly controlled by the user in order to prevent the area from flooding. SIMA’s diamond blades have diamonds welded with laser, which allow you to dry cut as well as wet cutting.
Dry cutting: If you prefer avoiding making a mess with wet mud all around the place, COBRA-60 3X can also dry cut. This powerful machine has a protection device for incorporating a hoover and sweeping filaments that minimize the cleaning and work involved in the cut. But remember that diamond blades are from 25 % to 30 % less efficiency when dry cutting.
Repositioning the discs: it is highly recommended that you reaccommodate the discs each 200 meters to ensure thar the blades don’t tear irregularly.

Micro trenching machine for sale

Now that you have all the information, if you are looking for a micro trenching in the UK, take a look at our range of options. We offer you a reliable customer service, professional quality and all in all, SIMA’s micro trenching is cost-effective and known in the international market for our competitiveness. You can find the most accurate micro trenching machine depending on your project and general interests. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

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