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Cutting glass bottles with a tile saw


Tiles saws are very versatile tools, and anyone who considers themselves a crafter ought to have one at home. They make quick, clean work out of crafts involving stone, glass, and, of course, tile.
One of the most popular uses for tile saws in crafting is cutting glass bottles such as wine bottles, that can be cut into homemade drinking glasses or into rings to use in glass art. And if you’re creative enough I’m sure you’ll be able to find a use for the bottleneck, too.
Cutting glass bottles with a tile saw is much safer, faster and easier than the way that many people are learning to do it on Pinterest using acetone-soaked string set on fire. Save yourself the frustration and burned fingers by learning how to cut glass bottles with a tile saw, the way professional glass artists do.

Cutting bottles with a wet tile saw

The key to making this project work is to ensure your tile saw is properly hooked up to a water source (many come equipped with their own water tanks) and fitted with a high quality diamond blade. A diamond blade that is designed for cutting ceramic tile will work fine, but if you can find one specifically labeled for glass cutting, that’s even better.
If you would like to know which is the best tile saw for cutting glass bottles, just ask our team! We are proud to help you.
The way a tile saw works is by grinding down the material with the diamond blade while water flows over the cutting area to prevent dust particles from flying into the air (a very important safety consideration). Most tile saws use a stationary cutting head with a tray that slides into the blade.
So your basic technique involves simply lining up the wine bottle with the blade at your desired cutting mark, powering up the machine and slowly sliding the tray with the bottle into the blade, holding the bottle steady on both sides (or one side if you are making very thin cuts).


Tips for cutting glass bottles with a tile saw

You’ll get better results from your glass cutting if you follow a few important tips:

1. Don’t force the wine bottle into the blade too fast. Let the blade do the work and cut the bottle at the pace it wants.

2. Mark your cutting line on the bottle before cutting. This will give you a line to follow so you can be sure you are holding the bottle straight and getting the cut you want.

3. If you find that the glass is chipping or splintering at the end of the cut, do what tile professionals do and gently push the ends together (toward the blade) as these last few millimeters are being cut.

4. If you are still getting chipped and broken glass, try wrapping a piece of masking tape around your cutting line.

5. And remember, the cut edges on your wine bottle coming off the tile saw are raw and still very sharp! As is, they are not safe to be used as a drinking glass. Before anyone drinks out of your wine bottle drinking glasses, the rims need to be sanded down with a fine grit sandpaper and thoroughly rinsed to remove any tiny glass shards that might be hanging around.

6. If you are using your cut glass for some other project that doesn’t involve food and beverage, you can leave the edges raw. Just be careful when handling them, as they are quite sharp!

And that’s it! We hope that you found this guide of cutting bottles with a tile saw helpful.

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