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Iron benders in UK

Iron bending is a process by which the material can be deformed when applying force to it. This causes it to bend at an angle and form the anticipated shape, which often results in it being in a 'V' or a 'U' shape.

The machine used on site to bend iron bars is the iron bending machine. Are you looking for an iron bender in the UK? Contact us. At SIMA, we offer you different options. For example, they can be manual or electric. The most common ones have a foot pedal and a hand control for operation. They are usually mounted on a chassis with wheels for easy movement.

How to use an iron machine bender?

First, clamp the bending machine to a flat work surface so that it is upright and secure. Then, rotate the upper, short handle above the bender and open the latch to make way for insertion of the tube. At this point, you need to insert the tube into the tube groove.

Then it’s time to close the latch around the tube to hold it in place. Lower the upper, short handle until the roll dies rest against the tube and the angle-measure is aligned at zero degrees. It is important to close the latch firmly to clamp down tightly on the tube. Press the upper, short handle down until the zero on the roll-support aligns with the desired bend degree on the angle-measure.

And finally, you can rotate the upper, short handle upward and get your new iron bar.