Manual Steel Cutter-Shear 22mm C-6 / 22
    • Manual Steel Cutter-Shear 22mm C-6 / 22
    • Manual Steel Cutter-Shear 22mm C-6 / 22

    Manual Steel Cutter-Shear 22mm C-6 / 22

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    Description Manual Steel Cutter-Shear 22mm C-6 / 22

    This quality lever operated steel cutter SIMA C-6 incorporates a high durability cutting blade which makes a clean cut. The chassis is made from welded steel. The blades of the cutting mouth are interchangeable

    Manual Steel Cutter-Shear SIMA C-6/22  Max.Ø Cutting: 22mm.

    The SIMA C-6 is a high-quality lever-operated manual steel cutter which incorporates a high durability cutting blade so that you can make a clean cut every time with very little effort. The chassis is made from welded steel. The blades of the cutting jaws are interchangeable and can be easily replaced if they get dull from extensive use. Quick and easy operation and low maintenance.

    SIMA C-6/22 Manual Steel Cutter-Shear

    This manual steel cutting shear can be used to cut smooth or corrugated rebar up to 22 mm in diameter. It is designed to be screwed onto a flat, stable work surface using the four integrated attachment points. For multiple cuts, the operator simply needs to manually advance the steel bar through the opening between the cutting jaws.

    Electric rebar cutters and SIMA C-6 manual rebar cutters for larger diameter rebar cutting are also available.

    For the best quality, value and service, buy direct from the manufacturer. SIMA offers free shipping and returns on manual steel cutters for customers in the UK.


    ✅ Manual steel cutter makes a quick, clean cut with minimal effort.

    ✅ Cuts smooth and corrugated steel rebar up to 22 mm in diameter.

    ✅ Any inner components which are subject to continuous wear and stress are tempered to ensure longer working life.

    ✅ Higher traction force and smooth running thanks to its oil bathed trapezoidal and helicoidal gears, ensuring top performance for heavy users and minimizing maintenance.

    ✅ SIMA C-6-22 is built with four anchoring points for attachment of the manual steel cutter to a sturdy work surface using screws and a drill.

    ✅ Interchangeable 4 faced long life cutting blades, rectangular shaped and made of chrome-steel.

    ✅ Support screw braces rebar to hold steady while cutting.

    ✅ Comfortable and ergonomic lever multiplies force for a clean, safe cut with little effort on the part of the operator.

    ✅ Integrated lifting hook and lever plus transport wheels to facilitate final positioning at site.

    ✅ Long working life and top performance.

    ✅ We are manufacturers. Buy direct for the best quality steel cutters and other equipment with the best value and service.

    ✅ Free shipping and returns on our SIMA C-6-22 manual steel cutter in the UK.

    Other benefits - Manual Steel Cutter-Shear

    • High efficiency electric motor IE3 type. Featured with impact clutch which prevents slippery on cutting impacts and optimizes performance and accuracy.
    • Comfortable and ergonomic foot or hand control with safety shield.
    • Integrated lifting hook and lever plus transport wheels to ease final positioning at site.
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    Data sheet - Manual Steel Cutter-Shear 22mm C-6 / 22

    Energy Manual
    Maximun cutting diameter (mm) 22
    youtube_video 3gre5toEy4M
    Weight (Kg) 19
    Minimum quantity packing 1
    Package Sizes (LxWxH) (mm) 330X140X270
    Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 300x120x250

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