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Tile Skill Saw Vs Circular Saw

A Tile Skill saw is simply another name for a handheld Circular saw equipped with a blade that is suitable for cutting and other similar materials. Standard Skill saws are designed for cutting wood, however most do allow for the interchanging of blades. This makes using a skill saw as a tile cutter relatively easy. While it possible to change out blades on most skill saws, that does not necessarily mean that all of them are well suited to cutting tiles. To cut tiles more easily and safely, it always better to use a wet saw. If you are planning on using a skill saw to dry cut tiles, you will need the right kind of blade and a respirator to protect you from the the fine particles that are thrown up during this process. Besides choosing the right kind of saw, it is equally important to ensure that the blade you are using is up to the job at hand.

Masonry blade vs Tile blade for Skill saw

When cutting or any other material, choosing the right blade is even more important than having the right tool. Besides the standard wood cutting blades it normally comes with, it possible to equip a skill saw with both specialty tile or masonry blades. A masonry blade is generally best for cutting bricks and other similar materials while tile blades are great for materials such as ceramic, porcelain and glass. Each of these materials has slightly different properties such as hardness, smoothness or fragility. Using the right kind of blade will make your life substantially easier when cutting tiles. It will also ensure that you have less breakages, better finishes and a better final product overall.