Spiral Bending Machine
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    Spiral Bending Machine

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    Description Spiral Bending Machine

    About Spiral Bending Machine

    Our rebar spiral benders can shape a minimum diameter of 6mm (1/4" - #1) up to a maximum of 26mm (1" - #8) or 36mm (1- 3/8" / #11), depending on the machine model and the rebar strength (grade).

    Rebar hoop/rebar spiral bending machine

    • No need to pre-bend the leading end of the rebar.
    • Safety pedal operated.
    • Automatic or manual operation.
    • Double speed operation, 7 or 14 meters (23 ft. or 46 ft.) per minute.
    • Left- and right-handed spirals.
    • 2 tempered cog-wheel formers.
    • Adjustable central cogwheel for spiral or hoop curve radius.
    • 2 ramps with rollers for pitch adjustment.
    • Complete control panel, including emergency stop button, on/off switch, warning lights and operation selector switch.

    Only robust equipment can stand up to the task of shaping rebar for many years, which is why SIMA’s rebar spiral machines are made from highly resistant stainless materials. Free shipping and returns on all spiral bending machines to the UK.

    Our spiral bending SIMA SPIRAL 26 is: Max. bending Ø: 26mm. Engine: Electric three phase 415V. Power: 2.5KW.

    Benefits spiral bending machine

    SIMA’s spiral rebar bender features precise angle adjustment through pins and inductive sensors, making it much more reliable than machines with standard limit switches.

    SIMA SPIRAL-26 spiral rebar bender is dirt and waterproof and safety pedal operated.

    No need to pre-bend the leading end of the rebar before feeding into the spiral bender.

    Spiral bending machine can create both left- and right-handed spirals.

    Our rebar bending machines feature lateral short rulers with holes for pins, allowing for accurate tuning on angle adjustment (models DEL 32 and DEL 36). Models DEL 45 and DEL 52 feature lateral long rulers which allow double bends for "Z" shaped figures (bottle neck shapes).

    Cast-iron shear body and gearbox case ensure heavy duty performance and endurance with the lowest possible maintenance.

    Rebar spiral bending machines feature an oil bath, as well as trapezoidal and helicoidal gears.

    For operator safety, a safety shield with a limit switch on the shear body and bending table is included.

    Easy and simple operation—it does not require highly qualified operators.

    All the necessary pins, rollers and mandrels, as well as the adjustable stop ruler are supplied as standard equipment with this rebar spiral machine. Pins and rollers can be customized upon request to suit to our customers’ requirements. Control panel designed and built in accordance with CE regulations.

    Buy directly from spiral bending machine manufacturers to ensure the best price, highest quality, and most comprehensive customer service.

    How to use your sima spiral bending machine

    Operating the SPIRAL-26 spiral bending machine couldn’t be simpler. To see our rebar spiral bender in action, check out the video below.

    The equipment control panel consists of three knobs, ON/OFF buttons, and a power indicator light.

    At the left, the first knob allows you to select lefthanded or righthanded spirals on your spiral bending machine. Position 1= LEFT, Position 2= RIGHT, Position 0= STOP.

    The center knob adjusts the speed of the spiral bender. Position 0= STOP, Position 1= SLOW (7 meters or 23 feet per minute), Position 2= FAST (double speed, 14 meters or 46 feet per minute).

    Lastly, the righthand knob toggles between manual (MAN) and automatic (AUTO) modes on the rebar spiral machine.

    Press the green button to power the machine ON. The green POWER indicator light will illuminate. To power OFF, press the red button.

    Spin the outer handle on the central cogwheel to move the small roller closer to or farther from the two large rollers. This will change the pitch or radius of your rebar spiral or hoop.

    After adjusting the rebar spiral machine to your needs and powering on, simply feed the rebar between the large and small rollers. The side you feed from will depend on whether the equipment is set to LEFT or RIGHT. Make sure the rollers are turning away from you.

    Your rebar will be bent as it passes from the first large roller to the small roller and finally to the second large roller. The radius of the hoop or spiral will be smaller the closer the small roller is to the large rollers.

    Watch our video below for examples of spiral bending with various pitches using the SIMA SPIRAL-26 rebar spiral bender.

    See technical data

    Data sheet - Spiral Bending Machine

    Motor Phase (1Phase/3Phase) Threephased
    Energy Electric
    Engine / Motor Power (Kw) 2,5
    Motor Voltage (V) 230/400
    Frecuency Motor (Hz) 50
    Installed plug 400V. 16A. 3P+N+T 6H
    Max. bendind diameter (mm) 26
    youtube_video IvQZ5ryBh0Y
    Weight (Kg) 312,4
    Package Sizes (LxWxH) (mm) 1220X775X1130
    Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 930X830X910

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