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Circular saws for tile cutting

Wet saws or manual tile cutters are generally the best tools for cutting tiles. Circular saws, on the other hand, are most suited to cutting things such as wood, masonry, plastic and metal. In general, we advise that you rent or buy a tool that is appropriate for the job you need to complete. Cutting tiles with a circular saw is not advisable. It is far more challenging and risky than simply using a wet saw or tile cutter. That said, if you truly have no other choice, there are some tricks we can teach you that will make the job a little easier and safer.

How to cut tiles using a circular saw:

You will need two things to cut tiles with a circular saw. These are a standard wet tile saw blade that fits your circular saw and an assistant or mounted water dispenser that can keep the blade lubricated by continually sprinkling it with water as you cut. Make sure the blade you use is indicated for the material you wish to cut. For example, porcelain tiles require a diamond masonry blade due to their extreme hardness.

You should familiarise yourself with how a wet saw works before attempting this method of cutting tiles. Essentially, the goal is to emulate the process used when cutting with a wet saw as closely as possible. Use extreme caution at all times when attempting to cut tiles with a circular saw. This means ensuring that the water you use for lubrication only comes into contact with the blade. Circular saws are not designed for wet work. You run the risk of being electrocuted if the mechanical part of the saw comes into contact with water.

Tile cutting with circular saws

As an absolute last resort, it is even possible to dry cut tiles using a circular saw.

It is vital that you wear a construction grade respirator and sealed goggles to protect yourself from the dangerous crystalline particles that will be produced if you attempt this method.