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Ceramic tile cutting discs

To choose the proper equipment, we must take into account the material that we are going to cut and our cutting needs. In this case, we are going to use a ceramic cutting disc.

To cut ceramic or ceramic tiles, we recommend using our blades. The material they are made of is specially designed to cut this type of material. To cut ceramic, you must use discs with a diamond coating. This coating provides greater hardness and can also cut materials such as concrete or different types of tiles.

Bear in mind that the higher the cutting speed, the lower the quality and vice versa.

Electric ceramic cutters allow you to cut very hard and thick ceramics effortlessly, and with a superior quality finish than manual cutters. At SIMA we offer you a variety of ceramic cutting blades with different diameters.

Ceramic cutting disc tiles for sale

If you're fixing a bathroom, working on a patio, or renovating any room at home, you probably need to cut ceramic tiles.

Cutting ceramic is not an easy task if you don’t know how to proceed. This material can be easily broken when performing cuts on it. We offer you a simple solution to cut them: our ceramic tile cutting discs.