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Best Blade for Cutting Marble

Marble is one of the most popular materials in the building industry, not only because of its highly resistant nature but also because it makes the space look brighter. It is generally used for kitchen furniture as it makes it look cleaner, but also in hotel lobbies or any other room that we want to make more elegant and classier. 

This material is not as hard as granite, but it is harder than limestone. So, what’s the best blade to cut marble? Is there a specific marble cutting blade for a circular saw? Should I use a different marble blade? Every rough material requires a diamond blade. It is quite simple: the best saw blade to cut marble is the one advised for marble, granite and stone amongst other hard materials. More specifically, your best option when choosing marble cutting blades are the ones with a strong steel core and holes that prevent the blade from overheating. When working with a marble tile cutter such as any kind of marble saws, we recommend wet cutting. The best marble saw blade for your project will depend on the thickness of your tiles or slabs and the number of them you need to cut. At SIMA, we offer you a wide range of them to meet your needs. For example: Turbo blades, Rim blades and Segment blades. Take a look at our marble blades and find the one that works for you. It might be a marble benchsaw blade, a standard marble cutting saw blade, or a sharp blade for marble if you want a more professional finishing; you might want to try cutting marble with an angle grinder, or you might be looking for marble tile cutters in general. We put at your disposal all the marble cutting saw blades you can imagine. 

Saw blade for cutting marble

Do not forget that when choosing a marble cutting blade you have to keep in mind the dimension of your tiles, the marble cut size you want to approach, the number of tiles or slabs you need to cut, the marble saw you are going to use, and the condition of your marble diamond cutting disc. Choosing the wrong marble saw blade can damage your material and the blade, warping and breaking it until the shrapnel flies. Another piece of advice to avoid this kind of mistake: if you are cutting stone materials such as marble, do not press sideways. Even if you have the proper saw blade for cutting marble, you need to be patient when cutting through and be focused on the task.

Can you dry cut marble?

The short answer is yes. Anyone who cuts marble or any other rough material professionally will suggest wet cutting because it ensures a cleaner environment while cutting. Dry cutting will create a dust cloud that will surely make a mess in your workspace. To protect your lungs from breathing dust and inhaling these fine particles, you must wear a respirator mask.

If you can’t reach a water flow for any reason and you have to dry cut, it is essential to use a marble diamond blade specifically manufactured for dry cutting. Using any other marble cutter blade or a standard diamond disc for marble could damage the blade and your tiles