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  • Maximun cutting diameter (mm): 30

Maximun cutting diameter (mm)

Maximun cutting diameter (mm)

Electric shears: An essential tool in your toolbox

Owning an electric shear cutter is compulsory from the most experienced professional to novices, as it is needed for many types of work.

Electric cutting shears are ideal to perform clean, smooth and precise cuts through metal sheets, steel, aluminum and plastic amongst other materials. If the project that you have in mind requires straight lines and cuts as well as curves, this is your best choice.

Electric metal shears offer you a clean and fast work, you don’t need to worry about creating a mess when you cut your material.

Carry out your project safely:

Electric shears are easy to handle, they are not very heavy so you can take your time and direct them in any direction according to your project’s needs. They don’t produce sparks, so protection is assured. This ergonomic tool makes it quicker to cut metals and it is more accurate than most. Besides, it can be perfectly used for trimming.

We could say that electric metal shears are essential and convenient for any kind of work you might need to do.