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Find diamond blades for stone and concrete

It does not matter if you work for the construction industry or if you are a DIYer, most of the projects involve cutting concrete and stone. So, do not settle for a mediocre finishing, use the proper tools and work like a professional.

Diamond saw blades are ideal for cutting hard and abrasive materials thanks to the synthetic particles of diamonds attached to the edges. Not only do they offer great resistance, but as they are thin and accurate while cutting, they allow you to work at a high speed. Moreover, a stone diamond blade is generally suitable for cutting other materials such as ceramics, marble, concrete, bricks, asphalt, glass and granite.

Diamond blade for stone

How does it work? Easy, a diamond stone blade does not actually cut, but grind. The exposed diamond particles grind while the metal bond keeps them in place. Of course, after working with the stone diamond blade for a few hours it starts to deteriorate, but if you work with it properly, it can provide a long service life. Your best option is wet cutting as the waterflow prevents the blade from overheating.

Moreover, it is generally safer for the user and will prevent the material from chipping or cracking. However, if you are using electrical tools or there is an electrical power source near your workplace, it might be better to dry cut. In this case, you should use a respirator mask to protect yourself from breathing silica dust.

Diamond blade for concrete

Looking for a concrete and stone cutting diamond blade? At SIMA, you will find a wide range of diamond blades, but which is the best diamond blade for cutting stone? It depends on the tool or saw you will be using, on the dimensions of your materials and the amount of it you need to cut. There are many blades that suit different materials, but we recommend you use the specific one that suits your project best. If you are not sure about your choice, feel free to contact us and our experts will give you a hand.