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Cutting bench

Heavy duty belt driven Masonry Saw and Cutting Bench / Brick Saws for sale for all materials. Blade diameters up to 20" / 500 mm available in single- and three-phase. Moveable cutting head that adjusts to the length and height of the cut. This is an innovative development from SIMA, with the possibility of a moveable cutting head and the possibility of a 20" / 500 mm blade machine in single phase. A maximum cutting depth of 200 mm in a single pass.

Sima Bali, the versatile and rugged block cutter

SIMA Bench Brick Saw is capable of cutting materials with oversized dimensions such as pre-cast concrete blocks or porotherm blocks, as well as standard materials such as bricks, tiles, terrazzo, porcelain, etc.

Innovative system which allows assembly of blades with diameters of 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm and 700 mm. If you are looking to buy bench saws, brick saws or brick saw blades, trust our range of work benches, the best masonry saw benches for sale.

Stainless materials for wet bench cutting

Bricks and masonry can be cut wet or dry using most masonry cutting benches or brick saws, but wet cutting is safer, faster, requires less specialized equipment, and can extend the life of the diamond blade.

Most brick saws for sale nowadays will have a water pan with a pump to make water flow over the blade during cutting. This helps the diamond blade stay cool as it cuts, so you can work longer without overheating the blade. Importantly, by wet cutting, you also minimize the amount of dangerous silica dust that is produced when cutting masonry.

For this reason, being made with stainless materials is an important quality indicator for any brick saw or masonry saw bench for sale. SIMA manufactures this line of block saws and brick saws with up to 80% stainless materials, with an aluminium body and galvanized steel water tub to resist rusting.

Discover SIMA, the best cutting bench UK shop online

The innovative MEKANO concept applied to the BALI range provides a variety of 100% customizable block cutters and brick saws for say, to better adapt to each customer’s needs.

They are designed to work under a wide variety of conditions: both the cutting length and depth of the brick saw can be adjusted to the demands of each cutting job.

60% to 80% of the components in this range of masonry saw benches are manufactured to remain stainless, with more efficient and ecological materials.

They are prepared to cut any kind of blocks, such as pre-cast concrete, poroton, gasbeton or terracotta. But also for many other construction materials: bricks, terrazzo, limestone, sandstone or kerbstones.

Made to last: these bricks saws feature an aluminium body and galvanized steel water tub, providing higher resistance to oxidation and rust.


The BALI 700 brick bench saw series deliver a lighter and more portable choice for bench cutting large blocks. These machines are available both in three-phase and single-phase versions, with the latter permitting connection to a standard power supply.

The BALI 700 cutting bench series can use Ø600, Ø650 and Ø700 mm blades (24”, 25” and 27”), delivering cuts up to 270 mm (10.6”) deep in one pass. The BALI 500 series can use Ø400, Ø450 and Ø500 mm blades (16”, 18” and 20”), delivering cuts up to 200 mm (7.8”) deep in one pass.


The BALI 500 brick saw series can use Ø400, Ø450 and Ø500 mm blades (16”, 18” and 20”), delivering cuts up to 200 mm (7.8”) deep in one pass.


BALI Mekano range of brick and block saws with powerful single-phase motor 3Kw (4Hp) version available in BALI 700 Mekano.

Set of 2 handles for easy handling (standard). Folding legs and wheels. Ø500 mm blade included in BALI 500 Mekano brick saw cutting bench.

Poly-V belt transmission improves grip and reduces maintenance (BALI 500 MK).

Folding guard, ensuring the maximum cutting height.

Height adjustable arm and built with stainless materials. 3 blade sizes available (BALI 500 Mekano).

For a top-quality brick saw or masonry saw bench for sale, look no further than SIMA.