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Masonry Saws, Power Floats, Road-Floor Saws, Rebar Cutters, Rebar Benders and Diamond Blades, SIMA offers you all this direct from our factory at

  • For concrete cutting and surface treatment we have a full range of Floor Saws. We offer the most innovative road saws on the market with either one or two blades and a selection of petrol and diesel engines. Our Power floats range from 600mm and 900mm to 1.200 mm and are available with petrol, electric and diesel engines.
  • We are specialists in Rebar cutting equipment both automatic electric machines and manual tools. Our Rebar range is designed to cope with the most difficult conditions and extremities of heat and cold. Our Rebar cutters and benders are designed to cut and bend from 8mm up to 50mm.
  • To complete our professional range we have a complete series of Diamond Blades and abrasives, tried and tested to work in our masonry saws,block saws, tile saws and bridge saws.



  • SIMA has been making construction equipment since 1977. That´s 35 years producing Masonry Saws, Power Floats, Road-Floor Saws, Rebar Cutters, Rebar Benders and Diamond Blades that comply with the strictest EU safety and environmental regulations. All manufacturing processes comply with  ISO 14001:2004 e ISO 9001:2008.
  • 80% of SIMA´s production is exported to 75 countries worldwide, competing globally and adapting to the necessities of each market.
  • Every year SIMA innovates with new machinery, and is a reference point in Europe for its constant innovation in the light construction sector. We manufacture over 120 different models and reach over 16.000 clients per year.


It´s time to take advantage of buying the most innovative and heavy duty construction equipment direct form the manufacturer at www.