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  • Max cutting length (mm): 1250

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Max cutting length (mm)

SIMA offers a wide range of table and bench saws to cut a variety of materials, providing fast, reliable and efficient solutions in the tile, masonry and block saw market.

Free shipping and returns on tile, masonry and block saws in the UK.

Their quality finishes, high performance and robust design make our masonry block saws the perfect tool for all kinds of cutting jobs and materials (tile, brick, natural stone, stone blocks, etc.) or wood, in the case of our circular site saw.

A machine designed to suit every project

SIMA has redesigned its well-known block saws, bench brick saws, tile saws, bridge-slab saws and masonry saws (Bali, Venus and Dakar) by implementing relevant innovations that have not existed in the industry until now.

Our masonry and block saws are 100% configurable and adjustable to each single user’s needs. Just choose the cutting length and depth, 45° or 90° cutting. There are two options: a sliding cart or a stationary bench with a bridge and sliding cutting head.

60% to 90% of our tile, masonry and block saw components are manufactured with efficient, ecological and highly resistant stainless materials.

The Bali range of brick/block saws can accommodate blades up to 28” (700 mm) in diameter, for a cutting depth of 11”, ideal for large bricks and stone blocks.

For extended cutting length, the Venus range of bridge/slab saws offers lengths of up to 2000 mm, perfect for slabs of natural stone.

The Dakar range of masonry saws is a great option for a versatile, general use masonry saw, with max. cutting depths up to 5” and mitring available on some models.

SIMA’s target is to meet your professional requirements and satisfy your cutting needs. No matter what construction material, height, length, hardness, cutting precision, we are confident you will find a masonry block saw that’s right for your project.