Rebar Shear 30mm Elect. 230V 1,5Kw CEL-36-P


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Info about Rebar Shear 30mm Elect. 230V 1,5Kw CEL-36-P


This heavy duty SIMA CEL-36-P Rebar Cutter / Rebar Shear will cut up to 30mm. It is extremely hard wearing due to its monoblock chassis and tempered gearing system. It has great durability, resistance and power.

The inner mechanisms (gears, bearings, shafts, etc.), which take a lot of punishment, are thermally treated. This leads to longer life and top performance.

Electric Rebar Cutting-Shear CEL-36-P Max. Cutting: 30mm. Engine: Single Phase 230V. Power: 1.5Kw

Using your electric rebar shears:

Rebar cutting shears are an absolute necessity for anyone who pours structures that require reinforced concrete. Your rebar shear should only be used to cut graded steel. The maximum rebar diameter allowed will depend on the model; this model has a max cutting diameter of 30mm.

Before each use, it’s important to inspect your rebar cutter for wear, damage and loose parts. Check the rebar cutter for loose screws and bolts, in particular the bolts on the two cutter blocks, and make sure the cutting blocks are sharp and in good condition. If either is damaged, chipped or dull, remove the bolts and rotate both cutter blocks to reveal two new sharp cutting edges.

Do not operate your rebar shears on dirt or a soft surface, as this can block the air vents. Keep in mind that rebar shears apply an enormous force on the rebar in order to cut it, which can send pieces of metal flying out from the machine. Always wear eye protection and set up a work screen around your cutting area to protect others. Be especially careful when making cuts that result in a small piece of rebar (around 12 inches or less), as these are the most likely to fly off and injure someone.

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Data sheet

Motor Phase (1Phase/3Phase)Singlephased
Engine / Motor Power (Kw)1,5
Motor Voltage (V)230
Frecuency Motor (Hz)50
Installed plug230V. 16A. 2P+T 6H
Cuts per minute110
Maximun cutting diameter (mm)30
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)831X544X728
Package Sizes (LxWxH) (mm)1110X710X980
Weight (Kg)247

Benefits - Rebar Shear 30mm Elect. 230V 1,5Kw CEL-36-P

  • Those inner components subject to continous wearing and stress are tempered to ensure longer working life.
  • Higher traction force and smooth running thanks to its oil bathed trapezoidal and helicoidal gears ensuring top performance for heavy users, and minimizing maintenance.
  • High efficiency electric motor IE3 type. Featured with impact clutch which prevents slippery on cutting impacts and optimizes performance and accuracy.
  • Interchangeable 4 faced long life cutting blades, rectangular shaped and made of chrome-steel.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic foot or hand control with safety shield.
  • Integrated lifting hook and lever+ transport wheels to ease final positioning at site.
  • Long-life and top performance.
  • F.A.Q. CEL
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  • Spare Parts List CEL
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  • Original User Guide CEL-P
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Rebar Shear 30mm Elect. 230V 1,5Kw CEL-36-P

Rebar Shear 30mm Elect. 230V 1,5Kw CEL-36-P

Electrical Cutter-Shear CEL-36-P Max. Cutting: 30mm.Engine:Electric Three Phase 415V. Power:1,5Kw


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