Spiral Bending Machine SPIRAL 26


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Info about Spiral Bending Machine SPIRAL 26

Our machines SPIRAL 26 is specially designed to produce spiral or hoop rebar, at job sites or workshops, for structures used in any concrete circular formworks, such as foundations, scorings, water dams and reservoirs, domes, arches, tunnels and round pillars and columns. 

They have a capacity from min rebar 6mm (1/4" - #1) up to max. rebar 26mm (1" - #8) and 36mm (1- 3/8" / #11), depending on the machine model and the rebar strengh (Grade).

Spiral Hoop bender

  • It does not require to pre-bend the leading end of the rebar.
  • Safety pedal operated.
  • Automatic or manual operation.
  • Double speed operation, 7 or 14 meters (23ft. and 46ft.) per minute.
  • Left and right bending turn.
  • 2 tempered cog-wheel formers.
  • Adjustable central cog-wheel for spiral or hoop curve radius.
  • 2 ramps with rollers for pitch adjustment.
  • Complete control panel, including emergency stop button, on/off switch, warning lights and operation switch selector.

Spiral Bending Machine SPIRAL 26 Max. Ø Bending: 26mm. Engine: Electric Three Phase 415V. Power: 2,5KW


Data sheet

Motor Phase (1Phase/3Phase)Threephased
Engine / Motor Power (Kw)2,5
Motor Voltage (V)230/400
Frecuency Motor (Hz)50
Installed plug400V. 16A. 3P+N+T 6H
Max. bendind diameter (mm)26
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)930X830X910
Package Sizes (LxWxH) (mm)1220X775X1130
Weight (Kg)312,4


  • Precise angle adjustment through pins and inductive sensors, dirt and water proof, much more reliable than standard limit switches.
  • Side short rulers with holes for pins, allowing an accurate tuning on angle adjustment (models DEL 32 and DEL 36).
  • Models DEL 45 and DEL 52 featured with side long rulers which allows double bends for "Z" shaped figures (bottle neck shapes). 
  • Two speeds motor available upon request on models DEL 32, DEL 36 and DEL 45.

  • COMBI machines have the same production and bending capacities as our DEL range benders.
  • They are also featured with the same electrical and mechanical safety devices as DEL machines and its electric components are of worldwide known top quality suppliers as Schneider-Electric.
  • Cast-iron shear body and gearbox case to ensure heavy duty performance and endurance with the lowest maintenance. Oil bath,
    trapezoidal and helicoidal gears.
  • Safety shield with limit switch on shear body and bending table.
  • Easy low-cost maintenance can be even performed on site by the machine operator.
  • Single-phase 220V version with inverter technology available for model COMBI 25/32. The inverter stabilizes the electric supply so it makes the motor life longer. Two speeds motor available upon request on models COMBI 25/32 and COMBI 30/36.

  • STAR 16 and STAR-20 are not only able to produce standard stirrups but virtually any rebar shape tipically used in rebar structuresconstruction, such as: hooks, separators, anchorages, rebar feet, elbows, reinforcements, etc.
  • Able to bend several rebar at the time depending on rebar size and strength (Grade).
  • Easy and simple operation: it does not require highly qualified operators.
  • All the necessary pins, rollers and mandrels, as well as the adjustable stop ruler are supplied as standard equipment.
  • Pins and rollers can be customized upon request to suit to our customers requirements.
  • Control panel designed and built in accordance with CE regulations
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Spiral Bending Machine SPIRAL 26

Spiral Bending Machine SPIRAL 26

Spiral Bending Machine SPIRAL 26 Max. Ø Bending: 26mm. Engine: Electric Three Phase 415V. Power: 2,5KW