Rebar Tier Elect. LI-ION 14,4V ATA 400


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Info about Rebar Tier Elect. LI-ION 14,4V ATA 400

Rebar Tier SIMA ATA 400 Max. tying speed: 0,8 secs /tie Battery tipe: LI-ION Ties per coil (2 wraps): 160 ties 

- Tying selector for 2 or 3 wraps and 5 different levels of tying strength 
- Lightweight and compact body, operated with only one hand.
- Able to tie rebar and structures, rebar mesh, metal / rebar grids, etc.
- High operational speed. It works 5 times faster than traditional manual rebar tying, less than a second per tie.
- It runs on a 14.4V (3Ah.) Lithium-Ion quick-charge battery. Its amperage increases operational working life: up to      2200 ties approx. per battery charge.
- High technology inner electronics with beeps warning system for auto-diagnosis.
- Higher tying torque than other competitor's models, so it saves wire coils as it requires less quantity of tying  shots    (approx. 30% save).
- Quality of materials. ABS hard impact frame and body, ergonomic handle with rubber for full grip.
- Suitable for most of wire coils available in the market, can use SIMA and MAX coils, among others.
- Featured with trigger lock for safety.


Data sheet

Motor Voltage (V)DC 14,4V - 3A/h
Turns per minute160 Ties at 2 wraps
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)290x100x277
Package Sizes (LxWxH) (mm)450x170x450
Minimum quantity packing1
Weight (Kg)2,1


  • Precise angle adjustment through pins and inductive sensors, dirt and water proof, much more reliable than standard limit switches.
  • Side short rulers with holes for pins, allowing an accurate tuning on angle adjustment (models DEL 32 and DEL 36).
  • Models DEL 45 and DEL 52 featured with side long rulers which allows double bends for "Z" shaped figures (bottle neck shapes). 
  • Two speeds motor available upon request on models DEL 32, DEL 36 and DEL 45.

  • COMBI machines have the same production and bending capacities as our DEL range benders.
  • They are also featured with the same electrical and mechanical safety devices as DEL machines and its electric components are of worldwide known top quality suppliers as Schneider-Electric.
  • Cast-iron shear body and gearbox case to ensure heavy duty performance and endurance with the lowest maintenance. Oil bath,
    trapezoidal and helicoidal gears.
  • Safety shield with limit switch on shear body and bending table.
  • Easy low-cost maintenance can be even performed on site by the machine operator.
  • Single-phase 220V version with inverter technology available for model COMBI 25/32. The inverter stabilizes the electric supply so it makes the motor life longer. Two speeds motor available upon request on models COMBI 25/32 and COMBI 30/36.

  • STAR 16 and STAR-20 are not only able to produce standard stirrups but virtually any rebar shape tipically used in rebar structuresconstruction, such as: hooks, separators, anchorages, rebar feet, elbows, reinforcements, etc.
  • Able to bend several rebar at the time depending on rebar size and strength (Grade).
  • Easy and simple operation: it does not require highly qualified operators.
  • All the necessary pins, rollers and mandrels, as well as the adjustable stop ruler are supplied as standard equipment.
  • Pins and rollers can be customized upon request to suit to our customers requirements.
  • Control panel designed and built in accordance with CE regulations
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Rebar Tier Elect. LI-ION 14,4V ATA 400

Rebar Tier Elect. LI-ION 14,4V ATA 400

Rebar Tier SIMA ATA 400 Max. tying speed: 0,8 secs /tie Battery tipe: LI-ION Ties per coil (2 wraps): 160 ties