Diamond Blade Green Concrete 14"/350mm


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Info about Diamond Blade Green Concrete 14"/350mm

Diamond Blade for Surfaces-Floor / Road Saws Range: SIMAPlus

Materials: Green Concrete-Asphalt. Diameter: 14"/350mm.

Laser Welding, high resistance of the segments to the abrasiveness of green concrete and high abrasive materials. Fast cutting and high performance.

Application: Combined use on cutting expansion joints in silica or lime green concrete floors. Cutting on abrasive floors and asphalt. It can be use also in abrasive materials such as refractory items, pre-cast concrete items, etc.

Data sheet

MachineTable Saw / Floor Cutter / Power Cutter
ApplicationGreen Concrete
Blade diameters (mm)350
Blade Shaft diameter (mm)25,4+11
Segment depth (mm)3,2
Segment length (mm)7,0
Minimum quantity packing1

Benefits - Diamond Blade Green Concrete 14"/350mm

  • Sinter welding: this welding joints the segments to the blade body by high pressures and temperatures.
  • Silver bracket welding: A silver wire bracket is used to weld both parts, segment and body, in a protective air-pocket. 
  • Laser welding: Is the safest and most accurate welding. It requires a state of the art technology and a higher quality of the materials to weld: segments and blade body.
  • A segmented disc is mostly recommended to cut hard materials, such as stone, granite, bricks, etc.) when a very high cutting precision is not essencial and speed is.
  • A turbo disc improves the cutting precision in those materials that are subject to be chipped, providing a neater cut at a reasonable speed
  • A continuous rim blade is perfect for ceramic materials requiring cutting accuracy and a very clean cut
  • SIMA Diamond Blades 2016
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Diamond Blade Green Concrete 14"/350mm

Diamond Blade Green Concrete 14"/350mm

Diamond Blade for Surfaces-Floor SawsRange:SIMAPlus

Materials:Green Concrete-Asphalt.Diameter:14"/350mm.Laser Welding.


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