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SIMA: Professional diamond blade manufacturers in the UK

Diamond blades for sale

Looking for the best diamond cutting blade for your project? SIMA Diamant offers a great variety of diamond blades among other useful tools for your saw, likes core bits. We design and improve our machinery with other utilities such as metals and galvanic casting, vacuum and sintering.

Thanks to our 20 years of expertise, we have become leaders in the industry, and our professional staff has specialized on diamond saw blades and blades for many other machines and power saws of our own brand. Buy diamond blades directly from us to avoid intermediaries and choose the blade that will suit your work best.

How Are Diamond Blades Made?

To manufacture a superior-quality diamond saw blade, we add several particles of different metal powder, such as iron, zinc, cobalt and tungsten to a core of high precision steel, and then we finish the product with a professional resin that makes the bond.

SIMA’s reputation as best diamond blade suppliers comes not only from the high-quality products we offer, but also from the professional recommendations that our technicians give to each individual project.

Choose the Best Diamond Saw Blade

In general, when cutting hard material, we recommend using a blade made of softer metal bonds and bigger diamond particles. On the other hand, when we are working with highly abrasive or soft materials, we use more resistant metal pieces and less diamond segments. However, each case is different, so the best option is to contact our technicians to get a professional piece of advice for your specific needs.

Even two pieces made of the very same material will slightly differ in their compositions depending, for example, on their origin:

  • Marble: Carrara, Vermont, Swedish, etc.
  • Granite: Tonalite, Riolite, Alkai, Binary, etc.
  • Concrete: depending on the stone, gravel, sand, if it is recycled concrete, etc.

That is to say, even if you are working with the same kind of material, you might need a different diamond blade. Because it deeply depends on the composition and its abrasiveness, not just the name of the material.

Cannot decide which diamond blade you should use? Just tell us three things:

  • The material you need to cut
  • The tool you will be working with
  • The blade diameter

We present you SIMA DIAMANT with our two professional ranges: the PREMIUM series and the PLUS one. The main difference is that the PREMIUM diamond saw blades can cut through harder materials as its composition counts with a larger number of diamond segments. Recommended to work with bricks, granite, and stone in general, especially when you are not looking for a super accurate cut, but you want to work fast. Remember that cutting through the material quicker prevents the material from chipping.