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45º Cutting

Masonry saw for sale

Our online store is your best option if you are looking for an electric tile saw, saw accessories or a masonry wet saw for sale. You definitely need a masonry saw if you want to cut concrete blocks, bricks, tiles, terrazzo, marble, granite or any other stone-like and rough materials in the most professional way.

The DAKAR Mekano masonry saw is the best investment you could possibly make if you are willing to expend some extra money for the best of the results. These models are the best masonry table saws in the world, and here you can find them.

We can also offer you some accessories for your saw such as portable legs, so you can move and store them as you want. You can adjust the head of a Dakar Mekano masonry saw depending on the desired cutting depth. It can cut through heavy and thick materials in a couple of stages and make grooves if you use one of our diamond blades.

Dakar Mekano masonry saws power tools guarantees a professional result when used properly, following the instructions, and makes the work easier and faster. They can perform both straight and mitre cutting on any type of construction material you may need to cut. The maximum cutting length is about 65 cm on concrete blocks, bricks, sandstone, floor and roof tiles, marble, terrazzo, etc.

SIMA, the leader in masonry saws for sale in UK

At SIMA you can find the most professional masonry saws, from electric to petrol/gas power saws. Most of them use water to cool down the blade and are made of resistant but lightweight steel table that guarantees its durability and prevents it from rusting. This way we assure you that our products will last for many years. Actually, almost the 100% of the materials we choose to manufacture our equipment and tools are stainless, and the rest of the parts are covered in epoxy-polyester coating in order to make them rust-proof and avoid corrosion.

SIMA puts at your disposal a whole variety of items and equipment related to masonry saws for many different purposes, such as electric saws of different engine voltages and other tools that you can choose depending on the work you need to do, and a range of blades with different diameters that you can go for depending on the cutting depth you need to perform. Besides, you might want to take a look at our tile and masonry saws that can mitre cutting, in case that you need a 45º degree angle cut to fit in some pieces. The cutting heads of the masonry saws that we offer are moveable, so you can adjust it depending on the measure of the cut you want to perform, the length and depth. With a masonry saw you can dry and wet cut if you own a proper diamond blade.

Dakar Mekano masonry saw bench for sale

A Dakar Mekano masonry table is one of the best investments that you could bet on with your money if you are looking for a masonry saw bench. Combined with water tanks, this machine is a proper balance between the professional quality and its price.

In a few words, the best masonry table saws in the whole world are for sale here in the United Kingdom. With the specific diamond blade, they are capable of cutting through the roughest material: concrete blocks, breeze blocks, tiles, all kinds of bricks, curbstones, marble, roof tile, granite, etc. A perfect result is guaranteed at the job site. They can cut materials up to 650mm (25”) long.

Flexibility is another of its many advantages. DAKAR 400 and DAKAR Mekano have demountable legs, allowing you to fit the saw with other accessories or items like wheels to carry it around or folding legs.

These saws are manufactured with 90% of stainless materials. The rest is covered with anti-rust epoxy-polyester paint. In general, the head and legs can be removed so you can move them according to your needs.

Both 400 Mekano and DAKAR Mekano benches are strong machines. They make your work easier and help you to be more productive, with a very reasonable price. If you are a perfectionist looking for the best of the results possible, integrate our power tools with the proper diamond blade recommended by SIMA.

Among every DAKAR models stands out the DAKAR Mekano 45 saw because it has every other saw advantage together with the professional cutting accuracy and the flexibility of swinging the cutting head depending on the length and depth that the cut requires, and a plus: it allows you to perform 45º bevel cuts. At 45º degrees cut, you can cut pieces up to 650mm long (25”).

These saws are exceptionally adaptable. They allow you to modify the length of the cut, you only have to move the head arm alongside the frame and adjust the cutting distance. It definitely helps you to save some time as it increases your productivity because it is easy to handle. The saws have wheels incorporated, the bigger ones make it easier for you to move it and the small ones facilitate the process of putting it inside the back of a van.